Theo Walcott


Why? Cock is delicious and full of protein? Ever tried it?


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This cunt serious.


Ox is in it so you never know.


Theo should be in it, one of englands best strikers.


He actually should be in England’s squad (which isn’t saying much, but true).


I guess there’s a case for having Walcott in the squad ahead of Defoe but I’d probably look to Vardy or Abraham first. Besides, Walcott has like 50 mins of football in the league and another 260 against dog shit opposition in Europa.


For Ox. Vardy or Abraham for Defoe.


If Oxlade then I still wouldn’t pick Walcott, Redmond.


If Sancho is going to get more minutes with BVB.

Sancho > Walcott and Chamberlain.


Ah true. Yeah, definitely Redmond (ahead of a few of those guys, Lingard certainly). Lallana for Livermore obviously and then I guess maybe Wilshere for Lingard, Ox for one of the LBs/RBs if they played with wing backs.

Still think a player with Walcott’s end product who brings something a bit different as a wide forward is probably on the fringes/should get into that squad, maybe for Sturridge when he gets injured.

True, was gonna say that. Nelson too, and Angel Gomes and Marcus Edwards (haven’t heard much of him lately; also what happened to Josh Onumonah or however you spell his last name) are probably not far off the team if they were willing to go with inexperienced youth.


Read that this fraud was awful again last night. No surprises there then. Waste of a shirt.


Yeah he wasn’t great. He was captain. The only thing he can lead people to is offside! When he dies, he’ll probably be buried offside seeing as he bloody loves it there so much!

It has to be his last season here. Nice guy and everything, but i’d rather give his minutes to someone who can play football.


Yep the same goes for Coquelin too!

It’s a little cuntishh but I kinda hope they both get injured not seriously just like a tweaked hamstring or something just so we can see what Nelson & AMN can do in their natural positions.


What other top European club would have Walcott as their longest serving player and one of the highest earners?

Wenger persisting with him, when it’s clear he’s not good enough, is a great example of why we are going nowhere and why we have stagnated so much.


Just realised that if you add Walcott to our forward line you get AWOL. Says all you need to know about him :grin:


I love Wenger but persisting with Theo for so long is criminal.
Considering he has clearly planned to not use Theo in his plans given the lineups in PL, it’s surprising Theo was not earmarked to be sold.
We would have made some money and reduced the wages.


We could have sold Walcott and Chamberlain at the start of the transfer window, and then got Lemar as a replacement, which would have meant we get a very good player, along with Lacazette, and they would have had a whole pre season together and the rest of the team.

It would also have meant we would have two top quality players, we get our business done early, as well as getting Lemar cheaper, and get rid of players that are realistically fringe players and earning more than 200k a week between them.
This might have even persuaded Ozil and Sanchez to stay.

But what does Wenger do?
Keeps Walcott, sells Chamberlain, doesn’t get Lemar,

Still we broke even, which is the most important thing. and Ozil and Sanchez are fed up with his lack of ambition.


prove it. for your own sake lol


Prove what?
If you put him up for sale then presumably someone might be interested.
I’m sure some team out there would be stupid enough to think he was worth buying.