The scum away Sunday 30th April


“In this day and age” they’d say yes probably with his arms out of place.

I don’t think it would have been fair though, his hands were in a position to be out of the way of the cross, it was the ball that was flicked up in an unnatural position IMO. He’s a human, he has hands and it’s not natural that they’re always at your side when you’re running.


It’s a fucking dive and I’m not having that it wasn’t. Blatant handball on Sanchez though so whatever.


A tale of two soft penalties then, only they got their one. Hard to believe we weren’t destined for a loss anyway, given Cech’s saves throughout


That play acting against Leicester could play a part imo.


Which part of my meh do you feel that I don’t mean? :slight_smile:


What does that even mean? And in what kind of situation are your hands supposed to be in front of your face if you’re trying to avoid a cross (as you say)?

At least from the video I do also see a contact on his shin, though the angle is far from perfect. For me it’s one of those situations where you have to go down to get the decision.


Mean it, don’t mean it, I’m not all that fussed. We just lost the last ever NLD played at the Lane and it was quite significant to myself and others today. But ultimately it was a fair reflection of a season in which Tottenham are comfortably a better side, so I guess we just take it on the chin and move on


Kane dive or not, what the fuck was that challenge from Gabriel about. Made it easy for the ref to give.

Again, expected spineless display. Ramsey and Sanchez were awful. Giroud just fuck off already please. Walcott too the timid son of bitch.

They should have won by 4 or 5 if it wasn’t for super Cech rolling back the years.

4th is done for 100% now. Forget it. All about the FA Cup final.


Fair enough. I’m glad you and others can still manage to give a fuck but its just another important game that we have utterly failed in and I really dont.

I’ll care about the final but the rest of the season is a write off.


Pretty sure I stopped caring about the season when we got beat by a woeful Everton and City all in one week.


i stopped caring about this season in February last year.


Honestly, why are we blaming Kane for making a meal out of that challenge when there was indeed contact? Really we should be focusing on the fact that it was just fucking stupid from Gabriel. Its been shocking defending from him for 90% of his time here…


That’s some impressive apathy right there.


Would’ve created much more chances if we had Welbeck’s pace. Giroud is getting worse.


Was a dive and a relatively poor one (not the worst I have seen by a mile), but it was colossal mistake by Gabriel to stick his leg out like that… he just isn’t a smart enough footballer for AFC (with a bunch of others).


I’m with @Robin_L . I don’t get the “I only care about some matches” attitude. That just makes you sound like a glory hunter. If supporting Arsenal is sure a chore, and you hate losing “big” games then don’t support Arsenal.

I made this point last week, many people avoided the semi final but will get a ticket for the final, meaning people who actually watch all the games will miss out. So many people have told me they don’t even watch this team on TV anymore - that isn’t a fan!


There’s a few players I can see stepping up a level or two under a different coach, Gabriel definitely isn’t one of those players.

He is what you get in the winter transfer window when you’ve gambled on one of your main CB’s achilles issue not becoming a problem during the season.


I know you cant judge a book by its cover but just looking at this :gabriel:…you just fucking know you are getting premium brains with this guy!


WE ARE GETTING RELEGATED! Happy now? :xhaka: :hipster:


:sleeping: it wasn’t funny the first time you said it. Stop posting it.

Agree with this guy.