The scum away Sunday 30th April


Pass the projector, just need it to go dark now.


Fuck everything.

To not compete in the fucking NLD is unforgivable.

Spineless bastards every single one of them


Can’t say I’m surprised. We’ve struggled in the NLD in recent seasons and despite a mini improvement in results, this was always going to be really difficult.

Top 4 is still possible but I honestly can’t see it happening with the fixtures we have left. Looking forward to the cup final and that’s about it for the rest of this campaign.


Team with no clue.
Manager undoubtedly past it.
Club with no football identity.

What marks Pochettino as such a good up and coming manager with the potential to become a great one is what he gets out of this Spurs team, they don’t have a lot of stars but he takes players who are arguably average or just above and squeezes everything out of them to the point where they either consistently play above their level or he improves them to that degree.

Wenger couldn’t hope to get the same out of those bunch of players, they know what to do without the ball, what to do with it and have the aggression and will to win even when not playing particularly well.

Here sure we can defeat shitty opposition, however, everything has to be damn near perfect (which hardly ever happens) to win against opposition on a similar level or that’s superior and it’s one of the most key reasons as to why that him staying on longer is an utter disaster for this club going forward.


Hope they are just focused on the F.A. Cup from now. It’s ironic because we can still get 1 more trophy than Spurs :expressionless:


Wengers substitutions today were absolutely diabolical…again…


Thank god we’re back to the consistent comfort of losing games. I didn’t know what to do with myself with the couple of sporadic wins.


Not angry as it went exactly as expected, it’s just depressing how shit we have become.


Is anyone really surprised. Awful performance from not a great side with a past his sell by date manager. Spurs just a better side then us and that is sad to say but it’s true sadly. We could have lost 6-0 if it wasn’t for Cech. We need a major overhaul, this isn’t a new manager and one or two signings thing a lot of these players need shipping out.





I can’t recall us even getting close to having a real chance.

Not what you expect in a derby.


One of the worse derby performances from us that I can remember.


Oh my… if this is a ‘biggest game of the season’ performance then how are they going to sell the idea to anyone that the personnel and manager at hand is good enough for more or deserves better contracts.


Spot on Aussie.
She tried to make me watch it ,but i didn’t fall for
Went to b n q instead.
She did keep me updated though.lmao.
She’s a little but i love her.


Whelp - that sucked… hoped the NLD would make it more edgy and we might take advantage, but we were lucky to come away with 2-0… more misery heaped and top 4 almost certainly now out of reach without massive collapse by 2/3 of Pool, City, Utd.


Sums up your opening message :wink:

Yeah that was bad, 2 minutes of madness. Take out those 2 minutes and we get a point… :laughing:


Any of you saying ‘meh’ and all this, stop kidding yourselves and each other.

Awful result, but deserved. Sad negative record to add to our collection, but ultimately the only sad thing is that we get 2 more years of this before Wenger finally goes.


Ramsey was probably our best attacking player and Cech saved us from being crushed. Giroud up top in this match was a huge mistake. Offered nothing. Defense actually played well but this new formation we play feels like a stupid ploy by Wenger. Kinda like, well this formation has destroyed me so much let me give it a try. However our team has no clue on how to execute it. Oh and Xhaka is shit btw.


Was the Sanchez penalty a penalty? Not that we can complain with recent good fortune vs a Man City