The scum away Sunday 30th April




Gibbs over Holding :neutral_face:


Da Boss plays!


Rose has been out for ages. It’s weird that Walker is only on the bench though. Dembele on the bench too.

Thank fuck Kos is OK. We got this :sunglasses:


Makes sense to rest Holding. Don’t want to pile too much pressure on such a young player and Monreal is left-footed which makes more sense for us in the LCB role given how much they will be pressuring our centre-backs.

Skeptical about Giroud up front, I love him, he scores goals, but I feel like Welbeck works better in that front three due to his mobility and dribbling.

Here’s to hoping!



Giroud to score


Giroud better have his shooting boots on today, hope he wont be a fucking useless lump up front and cause them problems for a change


Giroud to do absolutely nothing until he’s substituted.

Prove me wrong you French bitch.


mdc open a bit earlier than usual :slight_smile:


I think only inter fans are more lame than this… such an American style of “banter”


The build up to our game is crap. Chelsea this Chelsea that. In an ideal world, both Chelsea and Spurs would lose every one of their remaining games. Douchebags


After the results today Wenger be like

We’re going to nail these cunts and then blag 4th.



[quote=“Calum, post:68, topic:1427, full:true”]
In the league yes.

We beat them in September 2015 in the league cup!

Was it not @Mysty birthday aswell?
[/quote]Wow your memory is amazing mate. The game was the night before my birthday, so not quite on it but close enough,

Basically, it’s reassuring to know they turn up for the big games like the Chelsea one this season too, around my Birthday so :smiley:


Fuck it all





Congratulations Spurs, you have finally managed to finish above us. Fuck the rest.


Bunch of ball watching bottlers.
Apart from Welbeck and Cech.
Giroud? Whats the fucking point.
Walcott quality back pass to their keeper…
Guess he wasnt upto to leathering the ball as much as the ball wanted leathering.


At least they duo is doing the business unlike ours. Sanchez and Ozil are meant to be better than Allie and Kane but not at the moment. Our duo can’t lace they boots