The scum away Sunday 30th April


C’mon lads! FOYS


NLD day is here, so up for it! Massive day in the club’s season for me. Off to London, UTA :sunglasses:


Annoying that I’ll be watching this one by myself today, but I’m still pretty up for this later on!

Think Spurs will edge us out, but I realise this is no time for negativity :smiley:


Getting some nerves now


I’m not really nervous as I just expect to get beaten comfortably. Annoying that its a 130am kick off though and I have to be up at 6am for work.


Nervously looking forward to it. Come on you gunners!!!

What better way to celebrate having a 3 day weekend than ending these cunts title challenge.


We haven’t beat them since 2014, right?


In the league yes.

We beat them in September 2015 in the league cup!

Was it not @Mysty birthday aswell?


Sing out for Rocky… Would have been 50 on Tuesday…


Manutd winning means I expect Arsenal to lose This one… someone put money on for me


Not seen a single Arsenal shirt so far but then we aren’t in Arsenal country yet.


All on the 12pins no doubt.


Thats better…


Now in Arsenal country, sanity restored. :sunglasses:


Far too drunk already, where’s the team news? :grimacing: Is Flamini playing? :sunglasses:


Fucking love flamini, told this story many times but watching him live v bologna, two foot the ball into the net to give us the win and put us one point away from the title was just fantastic.

Also rivals potentially dropping points - another reason Arsenal won’t do shit today


Flamini ran over my foot once in his land rover :frowning:


The scum being scum. So pathetic my god.


Love Poldi


Missing both Walker & Rose!