The scum away Sunday 30th April


Haters gonna hate. That team wins the league :wink:


I think @calum has done well, I wouldn’t even have Kos in mine!


Way too much Arsenal bias in that XI.

Now we’re talking.


Fuck the scum… Rather dig up dead Arsenal players than have any of those cunts in my team… #FOYS


Another close win with the new formation. Win by 1 goal.


Arrived just in time :grimacing::sunglasses:

Sunday is going to be a strange day


Cheap ticket prices :eyes:


Defend like Sunday. Counter.

Would be pleased seeing a similar shape to this.


Rob Holding will step up in this game, if anyone I’m worried about Mustafi.

Gabriel has a mistake in him but has undeniably played well since moving to the 3


I feel the same. Although Holding has not played many games I have more confidence in him than the others


We’ll win.

2-1 to Arsenal


Anyone nervous yet? This match is huge :wave:


No feelings here (yet). But that’s been the case all season really. I expect a few nerves before kick-off but not too bad.


even though we’ve been shit this season losing to this lot is still unthinkable…
Fuck em swampy smelly 2bob rapist bully cunts.
They bring out the worst…



A little bit. A part of me feels good though :smiley:


yeah me and its going to get worse if Chelsea dont win before our game.
Im just fearing a doomsday scenario were their right in the mix for the title sunday night.


Or Chelsea Win and we can stick the knife in :grin:


So excited for this. Win v City changed and improved the mood of fans.


Wouldn’t bother with Giroud, Walcott or Welbeck. Ramsey or Iwobi to join Ozil and Alexis in the front three.