The scum away Sunday 30th April


Double post


I’d love it as well.


Do they have any players out for this?


I think Rose is their only first team injury.


Fair. Wasn’t sure if he was back or not.

Koscielny or Mertesacker/Monreal then

Another memorable NLD goal!


Such awful commentary.


Arsenal tv literally have the worst ones ever.

The killed the season review DVDs when they stopped using the MOTD/Sky commentators for their own.


Dembélé might be out too. He got injured against Palace on Wednesday.


I would have thought the fact that Arsenal are shit would have done that.


Ha I don’t​ know if they even still do one? Think the last one I bought was 09-10!




Demolition Derby


Theyve even brought a new dvd out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That one is brilliant


Would be nice to beat them and basically end their title hopes. C’mon Arsenal! :grinning:


im in that photo!


Based on this season only Alexis and Koscielny get in the combined xi for me


Scumbag Calum


What a hipster he is. Playing 3-5-2 just so he can fit in more Spurs players.


@Calum is a wannabe AC. Probably has a topknot too.