The scum away Sunday 30th April


Tottenham won. Congratulations to them, but let’s move on now.


Luca why are you trying to control what people post?

If you don’t want to read it don’t come on OA and let us discuss the match.

Fucking childish from you


Impossible to argue against it… sadly, we won’t discover which of those players can until too late.




Every one of us will care more about the final than we did about today. In my own case I’m even travelling to London for the day to watch the final among some other gunners (I’m not getting a ticket though, agree with you there).


You’re from Ireland though, so I get you won’t come over much or get tickets etc to most matches. But it’s more when people say “oh I’m not even going to watch it on TV”. I just don’t get that mindset. Like when we play Stoke and Sunderland later this month, lf you are a fan of someone you’ll watch it! You can’t just say, “well we’re out of the title race so fuck it.” That is not how being a fan works, that is my problem.


Lol the people who boast about being “real” fans are the first to usually disappear on here when the going gets tough.

Just because we don’t go into every game with gleeful optimism like complete idiots is no reflection about our love for the club.


Who was boasting about being a “real” fan?


ha! probably very true my friend. :smile:


I just can’t take it, lol! Tomorrow will be better. Peace&love buddy.


Thats fine but lets also not forget Xhakas fuck up leading to the danger.
Fucking out of excuses this prick for the amount of mistakes he makes.
Should of had a good few games on the bench by now.


Depends on your circumstances tbf. More than one way of keeping up with the game now. Plus you can get full coverage of the game later if you want.


Obviously if your situation dictates that you can’t watch it then that is fair enough. I have no problem with people who have kids or who work various hours etc and who can’t watch. It’s only when people deliberately choose to not watch their match, that’s when I get annoyed. “Only sing when you’re winning” kinda thing. You’re not a fan if you only want to watch when we win, when we’re doing well.


Lol why. I don’t care what anyone else does.


Personally, as a fan - I can’t not watch Arsenal. So when people say “oh we’re crap, I’m not bothering” they come across as glory hunters. I just don’t get it - if I love something, I will watch them whatever they do. That is what a fan does.

Perhaps it’s because you were a latecomer to the Arsenal game…


So if I do a 12 hour shift and come home and decide to go the gym, run or play a game of pool instead of watching us play sunderland in a nothing game im not a fan.
Id probably catch up with the game next day. Seriously this was an easier outlook when football was saturday 3 o clock and people worked monday to friday but the worlds changed. A lot have been priced out of the game and feel resentment to all involved including our clubs.
You dont get my unconditional support to decide how I decide how we support the club.
This is not a personal attack on you, more a defence of how you still support your team.


Yeah I see where you are coming from. On the other side of the coin though there are some fans who get so disgusted by our results that they actually avoid watching. I don’t think that makes them any less of a fan. I honestly think it’s just a difference of personality.

However the reaction to our last few seasons have been disappointing to me. There is a large portion of the fan base who are very spoiled. Always being in the top 4 and being somewhat competitive with other top sides, and in seasons further removed actually winning the league, has created a kind of entitled atmosphere in a lot of the fan base.


If you read what I said, I said if circumstances dictate… if you work shifts, have kids, etc. It’s only people who are free, who have nothing else to do but choose to not watch the match


This, to me, is crap. There are so many clubs who are worse off than us. We are one of the best teams in the world, you can’t be disgusted!



Lol ok. I was saying I don’t care what anyone else does bit weird how you do. If I’m watching and someone isn’t I’m not gonna go why aren’t you watching as that’s their decision.