The Randomly Nothing thread


This guy goes through it all. Stretch ya face, hand position on the razor and stuff.


Oh no I asked because I want to buy one. This one is shortlisted.
How to use it is something I can learn, as you said from youtube & stuff.


oh i see, well i guess the best thing you can do is look on amazon for the top rated ones and read reviews etc. They are good value for money (i dont use one personally i just use shears because i dont mind stubble) but in comparison to buying razor blades all the time its a great saving and generally shave better.


Is it just me who keeps reading @Luca_from_Italy posts as @Craigie because their avatars are near enough the same? :joy:


Mine is an offence to Manchester Shitty.


I was going to comment on this. I’m doing a double take every time lol


I have this problem too.

What I do to overcome it is read the first 5 words and if they make sense then I can normally work out who it is.


If it has a list of fixtures in the post, you know who it is


:xhaka: Haters gonna hate.


Not if Qarabag happens to be playing. What do we do then?


Honduras v Australia tonight


I was just about to post something to that accord lol


Wait so @Craigie didn’t call @Persona a cunt? Kinda disappointed to be honest now.


Everyone should call @Persona a cunt, tbh :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true @Persona is a cunt.



:eyes: Off ya’ll fuck. :bellerin:


shut it you cunt. (im sorry I don’t mean it :cry:)


Typical end to another stag party.