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That’s an absolute rabbit hole of a link. Very very interesting stuff.


Very good and informative read. Basically sounds like we’re soon gonna be trapped in a bubble like Apple do with their users at the moment.


Time to get out and support small businesses. It’s been that time for a while but if we don’t we are facing some shit in the future because of Amazon. All the news stuff is much less alarming because we’ve been spoon fed the news and information for a long long time, regardless of the platform. I’m a lot more concerned about the bit of amazon not caring about profit and only concerned with eliminating any and all competition. That spells trouble imo.


Legend. Shame it was only 11 minutes though.


Background check - “Mr. XYZ deactivated the twitter account of POTUS for 11 minutes, on his last day at work”


“You’re hired!”


I had BBC News on in the background and they reported this, and then proceeded to do a segment on the lulzy memes posted by Twitter users about this incident. Like, literally, they were showing the memes and gifs being posted. On BBC News. Granted it was Victoria Derbyshire, but still.

Journalism is dead (sorry @Phoebica).


Hey you don’t have to tell me. At the place where I’m currently freelancing, we produce articles about Khloé and Kim Kardashian’s bums and discuss whether Charlotte Crosby has had Botox or not. More worryingly is that people are actually interested in it. This is why I’m leaving it soon.

Surprised about the BBC though, they’re supposed to be a serious news outlet.


I find BBC Breakfast and the Victoria Derbyshire show to be at quite a low standard of actual news reporting if I’m honest. You can get show is better suited to the radio, and the amount of trivial stories on BBC Breakfast meant that I switched to Sky News first thing in the morning.


I try just to watch Bloomberg now.

They don’t focus on Trump and Brexit as much either, just the relevant bits about them.


I think the dumbing down of all reporting has reached the BBC.
Some of the presenters on BBC Breakfast are almost childlike, and the inane chit chat that goes on between presenters is cringeworthy.
At least Newsnight is still ok.


This is true. However, it is a crucially important part of a functioning democracy, and scarily often a neglected one, that a news outlet’s responsibility in society to give people what they -need- (like politically unbiased Investigative journalism to keep power structures under constant scrutiny), not what they want.

This is a process that’s currently triggering me me (in my country), news outlets are more and more often posting shite head lines with font size 2000 and below it something that everyone should know in font size 18, justifying it by saying it reflects the population’s interests. Which should be completely irrelevant.

We have a history of having relatively politically unbiased news outlets, and so the media has rightfully earned the people’s trust here over decades, people trust in the media’s ability to signal what people should think is relevant and what they shouldn’t (specifically with things like article placement, head line sizes, wording etc).

Today people’s trust in the media, earned at another time, still remains a bit, so nowadays many who read the news believe that it is actually more important to know what the Kardashians are doing rather than knowing that there is political unrest in Spain or w/e is actually news worthy at any given time, something that wouldn’t be the case in countries where most people know the/what news papers chat shit anyway, and know how to filter.

It is a pretty sad process to witness, especially as few around me seem to give a fk. People will always be interested in Kim’s bum, but that the media bend over and post that crap because of the interest for it is just triggering. It might have to do with the “sales figures transitioning into the digital age” argument, I don’t know.

The biggest newspaper here a few years ago started posting clickbait headlines and show no sign of stopping or sense of shame. THIS made her blush! watch as the UNBELIEVABLE thing happens to this couple! he sure didn’t think THAT would happen next! fuck’s sake.

tl:dr; just wanted to vent, you work in the biz, save us all


Two legends meet. Thierry is such a cool guy


I wouldn’t call Lukaku a legend to be honest. He hasn’t reached that level yet.


^ Oh shiiiiiiiit.


Great reply :raised_hands:


Does anyone use straight razor for shaving?
If so any recommendation for the razor & strop?


Nope have the barber do it only.


I don’t want to rely on barber to maintain my beard.
Have to learn the skill. Hardly get time to go for a run these days because of work & studies.


lots of really decent youtube vids on how to use a straight razor, down to stropping the best prep and aftershaves and creams balms etc.