The Randomly Nothing thread


When your unfunny as shit memes make you look a moron. :giroud3:


Oh deary me, why haven’t they deleted it?! Though, to be fair, I’ve tried to erase the 2015/16 season from my mind too.


I fucking hate them football Twitter accounts. Troll football for example has thousands of followers… Why???


You don’t even wanna correct them because you will end up saying “we finished second when Leicester won the title”.

Might as well just let the meme stay.


:ireland: :joy:


Not that funny, kinda pervy


How?? They’re just LADS innit? LADS LADS LADS

Such top LADS, the Irish fans, proper LEGENDS




Obvious Pervy is never Pervy.

Make note of this historical moment when I came up with this phrase. It’s gonna go famous.


My UK team is full of Spurs fans.

How likely is it that they are hiring from their own circle?

@discobot Is it legal?


It’s just an intimidating atmosphere and they’re lucky the girl played along with the ‘banter’ because not everyone would. The guys who made her lift what was in her bag were creepy


Have to admit that was a bit weird from the irish fans. Agree with you here




I thought it was quite funny haha Denmark is probably one of the better places to pull something like this off, Danish girls have quite male senses of humour



It’s all a Ruse I tells ya.





Quick someone! Is this Tea for realz legit?? They are out of the one i normally buy and I need to make sure this is good and has caffeine!!


I can confirm that the label bearing ‘England’s no.1 tea’ is not Fake News. It’s the most popular brand of tea in the UK. It’s the one we drink in my house. :slight_smile: :+1:

I’d say it’s good… Yes, it has caffeine. :slight_smile:


Persona i love u, how’d I know you’d be the one that comes through for me in my time of need??!!