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Maybe but that’s why you have different departments. That’s why you have a showbiz team. That’s why you have a current affairs team. That’s why you have a politics editor. That’s why we have lawyers checking everything we write.

I’ve worked in this industry for 7/8 years. Of course you get less-informed people - just like everywhere - but a lot of the people I’ve worked with have been amongst the smartest i’ve ever met. And a hell of a lot of our time is spent on research.

Yeah you may get some dishonest people - or people who twist a story to fit the narrative but this doesn’t apply to everyone and with lawyers going over everything with a fine tooth comb it’s hard to get away with this on a regular basis. Most people are not “clearly” dishonest at all. And it is quite insulting to be told otherwise. I’ve never produced any work that I believed to be wrong.


Tabloids are full of misinformation, I actually agree that the writers are intelligent, so that leads me to believe that it is clearly dishonest.

But if you want to defend your industry and try to tell me that tabloids aren’t full of total shit, then by all means go ahead. But I won’t be listening and can’t be convinced.

But out of interest, which tabloid do you write for and which department do you write stories For?


Tbf It’s a sad state for journalism & these guys can do nothing about it. It has reached a point where I would wonder why someone would even aspire to be a journalist.

Most publications/news channels are political tools now & are clearly driven one way or other. It is rare to find unbiased news coverage. When it is not political, then the quality is affected by the need for traffic generation/view counts.

Thankfully technical magazines are still worth reading.


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Well not for me as I have a gluten intolerance but other people seem to enjoy them.

Seriously though, the political aspect is one reason why i’ve stuck with magazines and not newspapers. I used to work in the same building at The Express whose owner supported UKIP. Obviously the majority of the staff there didn’t share this view - but it just comes down to how much you’re willing to sell your soul.

I also think some people go into journalism for the wrong reasons. At the magazine where I work we had a girl quit because it was harder than she thought it would be and not as glamorous. I think she was expecting to spend her time at showbiz parties. Maybe she watched too much Sex And The City.

I will always defend it - the people more so than the industry - because I feel like it gets a raw deal in terms of people’s perceptions of it. But if I could go back I probably wouldn’t have gone in this direction. It has a lot of perks, I get to meet interesting people (i’ve Interviewed David Beckham!) I get free holidays, free clothes, and I haven’t had to buy any beauty products since I was at Uni. But it does numb the brain sometimes. I went freelance to get out of it a bit, with the intention of leaving the industry altogether at some point. But there is a constant conveyor belt of people wanting to do it.


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Journalism needs to be part of some other cash cow now.

Vox for example generates additional revenue from their YouTube content.

Standalone don’t think any website/newspaper/magazine can avoid the usual clickbait news.


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A very good, thought-provoking article about the future of the WEB, the internet and the world in general.