The Randomly Nothing thread


Supply chain personnel are not owned by Amazon. In Most cases and region, a third party vendor takes up the delivery work.
So you would have to thoroughly vet the delivery guys to make this happen because you are basically giving the key to your house to a stranger.

What happens if the home has pets?
What happens when there is an actual robbery but cops are needlessly wasting their time checking if someone misused Amazon key.
What if you have kidnapped someone and she escaped because you have a delivery?


Eh… You have something you want to tell us Trion?


And there I was thinking Trion probably got over his ex in a reasonable and sensible fashion…


You guys know me. I don’t like to lose an argument.


If you tie them up properly they won’t.
Unless you’re waiting for Amazon to deliver the rope.



:rofl: Brilliant


JB and Trion…fantastic


David Gold really doesn’t like that the clocks go back for the winter…


Getting in the Halloween spirit tonight



Lol she’s done them tbf


Imagine thinking you need a degree to write for the Daily Star


You do


It takes talent and intelligence to write good tabloid pieces. Just because they’re written for idiots doesn’t mean they’re written by idiots.


Daily star and good tabloid pieces?


Lol fair


I bet they’re gutted she shared their article to 1m followers.


Not so much idiots but liars usually.


Nice to see so many experts on tabloid writers/journalists on here.

These people are normal people just trying to earn a living. Most are not “liars”, certainly not intentionally anyway.

Most of the Daily Star staff are actually very nice people. Mainly youngsters using the paper as a stepping stone. The online writers have it quite hard. They’ve come straight from uni into a cut-throat business where they are set targets as to how many stories they have to upload each day – hence why they end up having to write about Zara Larsson’s nipples. They work late and skip lunch breaks in order to achieve this.


Maybe not when it comes to pieces about popstars’ nipples, but in terms of current affairs/politics, there’s no way the writers can not be aware that they’re spreading misinformation. You may not like the word liar but it is clearly dishonest, and done intentionally.