The Randomly Nothing thread


^^^^^^^ so dumb, we beat Chelsea and won an FA Cup, how is this funny? We beat a lot of clubs all the time.






Going to volunteer on a hemp farm for the next 2 weeks

Haven’t been camping for years and to take supply’s for 2 weeks, Oher than multi packs of crisps and biscuits I’m struggling with ideas for food supplies

Got a little gas hob so I guess I will take a few pot noodles


I think your struggling from the start with that. Swap them for nuts and energy bars if your not allergic.


True, although I basically live off hobnobs even when not camping lol


:laughing:Yeah I could live on those too. Would take a few packs to keep me full though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Savages :gabriel:


Clever work from the KFC social media team :grinning:


That is just simply ten out ten.


Was about to post this too :open_mouth::joy:.


So much for it being a secret then.




People still do this? That was a thing when I was in Primary. :joy:


What a top fucking lad




The guy besides me on flight right now looks eerily like Karl Pilkington.

Has a moustache though. He is trying to sleep so can’t confirm.


Not Karl Pilkington


Umm… :neutral_face:


whoever uses this is dumb as 10 bricks…REALLY bad idea!