The Randomly Nothing thread


8/10. You?


My favourite pizza is probably pepperoni, i.e. that is what I will always order when I go to a pizza place, but the best pizza I have ever had is a fig pizza. Balsamic fig puree, prosciutto, goat cheese & almonds, if you guys ever encounter that you have to try it!


Oh ya that sounds bomb, I’m into that sweet/salty combo. I’d love that pizza :giroud2:


Love your new avatar @Persona :+1:


Was watching some Arsenal clips on youtube earlier, one of them being Arshavin’s goals for Le Arse. Bit of nostalgia while conveniently forgetting the poorer side of his AFC career. :wink:


Can’t think about Arshavin without this coming to my head.


I still have to remind myself that Trump is president and that I am not, in fact, having a recurring nightmare.


Wide ranging Pro-Erdogan Twitter account hack happened over night. Amnesty International, Forbes, BBC, BVB, Justin Bieber Japan (What?! :joy:)




@Calum nice avatar brah! Broken cannons are an annual tradition nowadays. :joy:


They should be reversed.:wink:


Your new avatar @TheSpecialCnut :joy: Rusty episode clearly left a big impression on you.


Was wondering how long it would take you to notice it. :laughing:


Quick and simple questionnaire. Less than five minutes of your time. Cheers!


What the fuck?!




Trumps Utopia


so lets wait and see until a fan gets pissed off with another fan or a fan get fed up with a player…we will be hearing about a shooting soon after this bet your bottom dollar, then there will be the ‘who allowed guns at sporting events and they should be the ones getting shot’


I wonder if Jefferson ever envisaged this 2nd Amendment, which the modern day gun fanatics are so obsessed about protecting, being namechecked time and time again to defend absurd decisions like this.

I’ll go with no.


It’s obviously to stop all the other people with guns shooting people