The Randomly Nothing thread


and here are some more from carnival in Düsseldorf


Same. Thing was a beast. 3310 looked like a bar of soap.


Lol sleeve sponsors are really not needed. Clubs have enough money ffs.


We are still not spending money though.


We’ve spent over £200m on players in the last 3 seasons.


The BBC have done a “pancake XI”. Please make it stop :sob:




The BBC have the worst banter


I didn’t know @AbouCuellar started working for the BBC :gabriel:



I’m disgusted with myself that I’m quite pleased by Batterstuta.

The rest of them can go and die though.


I thought Sugary Neville was the best one because it managed to find a pun without changing any of the letters of the name, only by adding two extra ones on at the start.

It takes zero effort to come up with Aaron Lemon


Jiff Hurst?!

Any help with this? Whats Jiff got to do with pancakes…


Though, only one f…


Ah! Here’s me thinking they were putting this on their pancakes… :wink:


Ah, the excitement of the Scottish cuisine. :grin:


I dunno why, but every time i hear ‘jif cream’ i think it sounds like it has sexual meaning lol


Aaron crepeswell is pretty good shurely


Flipit Albert.
And in tomorrows team
Darren Lent


OMG! :joy: (Wait for it…)