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Only in America. Apparently it’s not as bad as in Sweden though!


full video:



Anyone seen this? San Diego Soccer City have a poll on their Facebook page to rename their “soccer” team. Currently Footy McFooty Face is winning this round. Ah the joys of fan polls.


Still not the worst name on that list.


Best thing about San Diago is all the kits have my initials on them…


San Diego Bad Hombres sounds like a fun name



Maybe it’s because I’m mentally unbalanced but I found that relaxing.

continues to rub floor


My cat pissed on me this morning.

It was about 7:30am and my cat pissed on me. It wasn’t directly on me, but it was right next to me in bed and I rolled over and it touched my leg. Needless to say, I felt disgusted. The little cunt hasn’t been right the past few weeks but it had stooped to a new low today. That was the beginning of what I can only assume is going to be another shit day.

The last 12 months for my wolf pack has been pretty hectic. We lost a big presence in our Great Dane in May, which coincidentally occurred on the same day as our departure from our small, life-long hometown to the “big smoke” on the other side of the country in Melbourne… which was shit, we had to make the call to have him put down while we were on the road. The trip took just over a week, as we took our time catching up with some friends and family along the way, with the majority of our lives in the FJ and a medium sized U-Haul trailer we named “Galactus”. Eventually we arrived, got a house, were reunited with the animals, my Shepherd didn’t even recognise me, she was skinny, anxious as fuck. It was only until she saw our car did she recognise who we were, then the love came. The cats were fine, just pissed that someone had squeezed them into a box, put them in a big metal bird and flown them across the country for hours. We picked them up at around 4 in the morning. It took time to settle, we eventually got a companion to replace the Dane, a rescue shepherd who had big shoes to fill but slotted in quite nicely. Now having recently moved to the other side of the city, the house is nicer, but the area is a bit more like what we are used to, just different ethnicity; Sudanese teens breaking into houses and terrorising families at knifepoint, robbing them then taking off in their car. It’s interesting that’s for sure. Woke up the other night to a loud noise, a “bang” one might say, about 4:30am. Dog’s got up, Mrs jumped up, while I stumbled around in the dark looking for something to cover my junk with a bat in the other hand. I don’t usually sleep in the nude but I was trying to sleep in those cheap uncomfortable things and it was hot… whatever, if you are still reading this I am sure you don’t actually care.

Anyway, I recently got my pride and joy (:oncoming_automobile:) trucked over from my “hometown” in Western Australia, and unfortunately I need to sell her as I need the coin. I will make a small profit on the sale, not as much as I would have liked as I planned to keep it for longer, but that’s not important. I purchased the car with a small inheritance I received after my Grandmother passed away a few years ago. Should I have been smarter with the money? Yes. Would she have been disappointed with my impulsive purchase? No, she would’ve wanted me to be happy. Nevertheless, I am expecting to see the money back plus some, and am going to try again and spend it a bit more wisely. I haven’t been working for the last 6 or so months, so I owe basically everything to my partner who has been working her arse off to pay the bills. I am not proud of this. Thinking about her slaving away at her stressful job, without me contributing financially makes me sick. I agreed to pay off her (our’s essentially) car loan for our FJ cruiser when the car sells, but am having second thoughts. I know this sounds stupid, but should I value the sum I inherited higher or more-so, specifically because I inherited it? Because it was almost like a gift from my lost Grandmother? I feel uncomfortable with giving that money back to the bank. Perhaps instead of paying off her/our debts, I could take her on a holiday? Try and buy some happiness with it? Something that will put photos on the fridge? And maybe buy her a new fridge, because I know she wants one!? I know what the right thing to do is financially, but fucked if I know why it’s not sitting well with me.


Why pay off the loan in one chunk? Sell the car, bank the money and pay off the loan as per the agreement from it. Then when you get a job continue to pay the loan from your wages and buy that fridge and holiday from the car money.



Benzema feeling salty :joy:

He probably did after seeing how many people seen that he liked it haha


Having gone onto Instagram I see no evidence that Benzema liked it. Unless he unliked it.


Dont see anything wrong with Benzema liking that photo. He’s proud of trophies, Giroud is proud of haircuts.


I like it so I allow Karim to like it too.


That actually makes a lot more sense. Thanks man, that has given me something to think about. We spoke about it last night and came to an agreement on a trip to Europe which makes me feel better. It will take time for her to accumulate leave at her new job so it will give me time to pay off the car loan when I find a job. Thanks again mate, really appreciate the small piece of advice :+1:




Theyre gonna need a bigger Island…


Top comment on reddit page about that.

Funny these births happened in Iceland since it was England that got fucked.



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