The Randomly Nothing thread


105 years old :smiley: :bicyclist:


He seems to have had an incredible life. :slight_smile:


Nice game :slight_smile:. I got 13/20.


I got 10 :santi:


Thought i’d get 20 on this as i’ve been to practically all of them, but then I saw the actual pictures.

16/20, although some of them actually have the club identified in the picture which is a bit tonto.


Yeah, like Watford - you could see the red and yellow. Hmmm, I wonder.

I got 18 - though I cheated on a couple, as all 20 stadiums are there once, so I skipped past two and went back to them at the end after I’d eliminated the other options :grin:


Middlesbrough’s stadium was one the easiest choices. Just look at the picture :smiley:


Got 16/20

The ones I got wrong were The Hawthorns, St Mary’s, Turf Moor and the King Power Stadium.

I have to admit that process of elimination did make the quiz easier as it progressed. I wouldn’t have known a few more just from the photographs provided.


The White Hart Lane looks the worst from outside :coq:


And on the inside, that’s if you can actually see anything and are not stuck behind a post! No wonder they’re knocking the thing down!


I got 14, not bad


16/20 for me.

Got Southampton, Burnley, Leicester and West Ham wrong.


Got bored and closed it after the first question.



Lols. 100% then.


:sunglasses: suck it bitches. 100% confirmed.


I stopped too after getting 3 right from the first 8. I don’t have time for quizzes I am terrible at. :smile:


See, being good at general knowledge and quizzes in general is the main skill I picked up from university. Love a quiz, me.


Of course, being from Croydon you just know Crystal Palace’s stadium :wink:


Oh yea, I love quizzes. I just don’t have time for ones I’m terrible at :slight_smile:

I think that’s why I never liked mastermind. Specialist subject my hole, I know a little amount about a lot. :grin:


Ah you’re one of those. It only counts if I win. :grin: