The Randomly Nothing thread


Are you not? :wink:


Are you and Calum the same person? What’s with the :wink: Oh yeah I like to win, and I always do, so I don’t have the issue of making excuses when I lose.


I dunno, I never wink in real life because actual winking makes you look like you’re having a mini seizure.

Anyway, have you ever been on the Chase? Or do you just talk big?


Is being on The Chase the marker of being smart? No I haven’t been on that or any quiz show. Though, if I did go on one, it’d be Pointless.


I love pointless but fuck going on that. I seen someone win 1000 quid once. After all fucking that. You can win 50 fucking grand on catchphrase!!


If I could go on any games/quiz show, it would be without a doubt, Crystal Maze :slight_smile:


They have set that up again in London recently, like as a thing for anyone to do. My sister actually did it for her work Christmas party and she loved it!


Is Catchphrase still a thing? Only remember that from when I was a kid.

Only people not smart enough would dismiss Pointless :wink:


I didn’t dismiss it, I said it’s prize structure is bullshit. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah that is true I guess. You have to time it right, which obviously you can’t control.

I would have won the prize today FYI, whatever it was.


If you’d gotten to the final that is. :grimacing:


I love watching Crystal Maze, it reminds me of the 90s :sunglasses:


Yes. But I had a pointless answer, unlike the people who were actually there. I’m too shy to go on TV, that’s the only reason why I haven’t.


This reminded me of David Brent talking about being on Blockbusters with the office temp haha





Nooo! What did Luca do?


Banned from MDC :santi:


Nah greggs at 3am is the best place to be after a night out


You geordie by any chance?