The Randomly Nothing thread


Anything for a partridge reference :joy: definitely looks like he’s modelled himself on this though haha.


Edit: ffs @will24 :joy:


Hahaha sorry Jakey :joy: it was an easy take!


Gotta love the relevant Partridge posts that have appeared on OA lately :smiley:

That is some fucking creepy stuff.


My shrine to you know who is much better than that. :bellerin:

How does one explain that away? That’s just super weird.


I don’t know how people can eat at McDonalds.


All that quality Ben merch and only £5000? Bargain.


McDonald’s at 3am after a night out is one of lives greatest things :sunglasses:


Maybe I’m just a gym snob lol but I can’t touch that.


Well, just trying to be kind :wink:


Try a Mcgangbang next time :henry:

Funny thing about the McDonald’s convo is that here in the states they are going the opposite way instead of a self serve, they are bringing the food to your table over here :joy:


Real enjoyable MDC that! From SRCJJ calling the comeback. Jake winning money. And the random chats and topics afterwards going on until nearly midnight :smiley:

I particularly enjoyed the moment where @AbouCuellar realised there’s no way any of his photos have completely gone from the system, despite otherwise :arteta:


A lot more enjoyable when both Calum and Persona aren’t around.


What? Surely you jest.


Least I never uploaded that dick pic I was about to post.


Can we have this as a smily to post i think it would be cool


Good one, and we don’t have a Gabriel smiley either!!


will fit a post if we have utter disgust or something

could see it in a post like ‘FFS spurs just beat us’


You have a shrine to Voldemort?