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Someone really needs to take my phone away from me when I am drunk. The messages I send :see_no_evil:


[quote=“Phoebica, post:467, topic:366”]
Someone really needs to take my phone away from me when I am drunk. The messages I send :see_no_evil:
[/quote]What about when you’re sober too?



Ha bloody ha


God, fuck me. If none of you lot are hard core, how do you expect the Arsenal team to be?!


Did you write this one with your head in the toilet bowl? :smile_cat:


:see_no_evil: omg. Probably.

Edit: I’ve used this emoji :see_no_evil: About 7 times today already. This year has got off to a great start, lol.


^^ :cristo:


“So, what did y’all do to ring in the new year last night?”

“I don’t remember…”


Well it’s no good telling you, you won’t fucking remember anyway. HNY. :campbell:


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A certain member has already liked close to 3,000 posts on here already, anyone want to guess who?
[/quote]3 months later…

To put into context, the next highest member has given out 2.2K likes. :campbell: Insane.


A heavily-sanitised American version was produced. The most notable change is that Father Christmas was re-voiced by William Dennis Hunt, becoming much jollier, and all 75 instances of the word ‘blooming’ were replaced with ‘merry’. Scenes where Father Christmas gets drunk, over-eats, dances with chorus girls and suffers a hangover were removed - Also cut are a few candid moments showing his “builders’ bum”.

So America basically ruined it then? lol.

Seeing this as just watched Ethel and Ernest and it was very good best thing on the tv over Christmas and wanted to see if Raymond Briggs wrote Father Christmas aswell.


Anyone been to McDonald’s lately?

Can I have a chicken select meal? 3 or 5? What pieces? Medium or large? What sauce? What drink? Diet or regular? Just give me some fucking food!


They have self service ones here now. None of that talking to humans bollocks. Like an Argos with food!


5 chicken select meal with bbq sawse. Only thing I get from there nowadays, so good!


I wish we had that. In a lot of central London ones there is, but not out in the sticks where I live.


Yes. God forbid them asking what you want to order. Maybe we should just pull up to the window as they throw food in our face.




The way I was feeling this morning I would actually have preferred that.


No words…