The R.I.P thread


I thought it was Eddie. Still a terrible news.


I suspect like some others (of my age) I only know of him due to the famous Dave Chappelle sketch. Obviously sad news regardless, 57 is pretty fucking young really.


RIP Ugo Ehiogu age 44


Omg thats terrible news. RIP Ugo


An icon of the early premier league days. RIP Ugo.


RIP that’s no age


Read that he was dead just now :disappointed_relieved:Horrible. Rip.




Fuck I heard he had a heart attack yesterday. Didn’t know he died today. Absolutely awful news.



One of my favourite non-Arsenal players back in the 90s, RIP Ugo


Paul Merson speaking on SS about his friend Ugo, clearly absolutely devastated. It’s a tough watch, almost had me welling up a bit.

44 is way too fucking young :pensive:

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Just fucking terrible!


Chris Cornell 52 lead singer of soundgarden dead. Brilliant singer, song writer. No age that and had so much to give. Really sad news.


Playing Grunge was really unlucky. Cobain, Staley, Weiland and now Cornell :cry:


Soungarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains.
Three of my favourite bands.

Chris Cornell’s album Euphoria Morning is also one of my favourite albums.


Fuck!! Only 52 aswell. :frowning:

He leaves behind a seriously good catalogue of music.


Struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past.



I wouldn’t call it unlucky the lifestyle those guys live is just not sustainable. I loved soundgarden one of my favorite bands. I can’t say I’m surprised though. RIP anyways, he had an absolutely amazing singing voice.