The R.I.P thread


Audioslave were a hell of a band.


On his bathroom mirror, two words were written in red lipstick: “Wenger ou…”


Pathetic. How can you joke here? :expressionless:

Meanwhile, it’s suicide. Confirmed.


By who?


RIP to him. Depression is an absolutely awful thing :cry:


C’mon Luca, I know you can do better than that, let loose on this arrogant German…


Yeah, sorry. I know germans hate us. Shouldn’t have loose on this cocky wurstel.




I recognise his name from a a really good James Bond song he did years ago, that’s all I know about him. RIP


Probably my favorite Soundgarden song. This guy had pipes, not many vocalists around could do what he does in this song.


Was listening to it yesterday :giroud2:


No one will probably know or care unless you’re a bike fan or American, but former MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden has died from his injuries sustained from a road cycle accident. I’m absolutely gutted :frowning:


RP The Saint.
Sir Roger Moore best known acting as James Bond The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders




RIP Mr Roger Moore. Legend


RIP Sir Roger Moore
Shaken , not stirred.


Another childhood hero of mine gone. He’s my favorite James Bond of all time. Fuck getting old sucks. RIP.


What an awful last 24 hours this is turning out to be :frowning: RIP Roger.


Sad news. R.I.P. Sir Rodger


Oh no. RIP Mr Bond. :disappointed:

Both legends from this have gone… :frowning: