The R.I.P thread


Think your confusing him with bill Pullman



Likewise @SLAG confusing him, bizarrely, with Denzil Washington :joy:


No…TV series based on film…
But Big love to ya. …

Paxton is also one of only two actors to have been killed onscreen by an Alien, a Predator, and a Terminator, an honor he shares with Lance Henriksen.


Oh shit Bill Paxton is dead? Was just watching an advertisement for Training Day over the weekend and was thinking how would he compare against Denzel Washington. Can’t believe he is gone.

The last movie of his that I watched was Two Guns and I thought he was terrific in that role.



Its set 15 years after those events, i thought Paxton was doing a decent job… Ive seen 4 episodes… They completed filming before he passed so a few more to come…


One year ago today a great mate, top bloke and fellow gooner passed away after a brave but ultimately losing battle against cancer… Kept his sense of humour right to the end, a lesson to us all… Missed by all that knew him, thinking of everyone connected to Martin… ‘Good friends never say goodbye
They simply say,

Xx God bless you mate xx


Real shame to see John Surtess pass away today. The word legend gets used far too much these days, but he accomplished something unlikely to ever be repeated again, being the only man to win World titles on both two and four wheels. How he never got a knighthood, is beyond me. RIP John.


RIP. Winning world titles on two and four wheels is surely unmatchable in the modern era ?


Yep, he’s the only one. It would have to be someone that did the same route as him as come over from bikes to F1. Valentino Rossi looked into making the switch 10 years ago before choosing to stay put, so never made the crossover. Too old now anyways at 38. Someone like a Marc Marquez could be an option but again, depends how committed you’d be to abandon one thing to do something totally different.

It really is very unlikely feat, which is what makes the achievement really cool and unique. John did a lot of charity work as well over the years, in particular creating the Henry Surtees foundation, after the loss of his son.


My late father-in-law worked at the Vincent motorcycle works in Stevenage back in the fifties. John Surtees used to test ride the new bikes. He was well liked by everybody and was a good all around bloke.

Truly a legend. R.I.P. John.


Kurt Moll died a couple of days ago, aged 78. I only found out yesterday, because something like that apparently isn’t newsworthy anymore, apart from niche publications. Greatest bass I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot. I’m normally not one for Youtube comments, but this sums up his Osmin quite well:

“That is the BEST fricking evil laugh in the history of ever. Epic! And then seeing a somewhat overweight man in a huge black beard and a nightgown bounching around the stage, acting and singing out his joy at seeing someone strangled, is just beyond hilarious. And Moll does all that while singing one of the most demanding bass arias there is, and makes it all look and sound so easy. I have seen and heard many good Osmins but no-one even comes close to Moll’s performance in my opinion.”

About to raid my parent’s “Deutsche Grammophon” vinyl stash.


R. I. P to an all time great.


RIP Arsenal Football Club


‘If you were to give rock n roll another name, it would be Chuck Berry’

  • John Lennon


Just don’t use one of his bathrooms


Without Chuck Berry theres fuck all. Thanks for the fucking lot.



Noooooo, what terrible loss! :cry:



Damn yeah that sucks. RIP.