The R.I.P thread


Christmas Eve aswell. Condolences to his family and friends


Sad loss Rick. Ultimate party band Quo.


What a year this has been for the music biz. R.I.P. Rick.


RIP George Michael died 53

Really was his last xmas :cry:


Bloody Nora, I thought it was gonna be that Star Wars woman.

RIP :frowning:


I seen Debbie Reynolds name early trending early on fb thought she had bitten the dust but forgot she is carrie fishers mum


2016’s death game has been strong! Just 6 more days to survive :mask:


One of my favourite tunes.

Fuck’s sake


R.I.P. George :frowning:


Blimey, this has been an absolutely brutal year, especially in the entertainment business, full of shocks and surprises :open_mouth: RIP George.


For fucks sake, George fucking Michael.
Only 53 too, :cry:



Shocking year. RIP George


I was kipped off on the sofa when the wife told me. Didn’t even wake me up before he went went.

RIP George.


Have to be honest George Micheal is a ‘best of’ kind of artist to me. As in I know his big songs but nothing else. That said there are quite a number of them and Freedom is a song must have played a couple of hundred times over in my lifetime.

RIP George.


Initial reports suggest that he died choking on a chocolate bar.

It was a careless whispa.


Death even went for Carrie Fisher but she managed to dodge for now.

It’s getting to the point where it’s faster to list the celebrities that did not die in 2016.


And i thought my mums passing at 72 was young.



My dad used to say, “You’re not here long.” The older I get, the more I realise how right he was.


R.i.P To Liz smith died 95


Carrie Fisher has died too now. Unbelievable loss of talented, artistic people this year.

She was absolutely iconic in science fiction, playing a character ahead of her time in terms of strength and presence. Gold bikini or not, she did much to challenge the at times seedy presentation of women in sci-if. She was a co-star with Hammill and Ford, not the damsel in distress.