The R.I.P thread


2016 can just fuck off.

R.I.P Carrie you’re now one with the force.


ffs :frowning:


It’s been a bad end of year, especially for us of a certain age.
If Elvis Costello goes soon, I’ll be broken.


It gets worse. Celebrities can die in 2017 too.


Such a sad loss baby off the original Star Wars and didn’t eithen out live her mum. Rest in peace to Carrie fisher


Carrie will always be remembered for her portrayal of Leia, but she also gave a memorable performance in the Blues Brothers. i don’t know of her other works so can’t comment on those.

60 years young, so frigging sad!

RIP Carrie!




More eerie that she died the same way her daughter did. Thoughts go to the family at this difficult time.

Rip Debbie Reynolds

Ps: such a beautifully woman when she was young


Wow terrible time for their family.



God, what a shit 2016!


She outlived her daughter by 1 day, That is just wrong on every level!

RIP Debbie!


Rumours blowing up on twitter that the Queen has died…


I hear she was a big star wars fan so I’m sure if it’s true the reason will be because of a :broken_heart:



Good news.


That just means that the BBC accounts are fake, doesn’t mean the news isn’t true (not that I’m saying it is true ofc).

I don’t think those accounts were the source of the rumours, at least not as far as I’m aware.


It was a fake thing started because of this whole 2016 stars are dying thing and also because the queen didn’t do her usual christmas thing because she was ill. Also Limmy spent all day ‘paying his respects’ lol

She might die, but these guys don’t know it.


Some list…


A more British list


Surprised that no media sources at all have come out and said that it isn’t true, if it is indeed bullshit.