The R.I.P thread


Will be remembered by me for THAT goal. Captain of quite possibly the best team ever.


It’s the only World Cup final where the winners were show boating for most of the game.
Like you say, possibly the greatest side ever, certainly at international level.


Not Leonard, not now. :cry:


2016 strikes again.


Damn. R.I.P.




No way Ramsey could have kept up with this, this year.


Properly sad to see the loss of Leonard Cohen, my favourite singer-songwriter. The best lyricist bar none.


I’m thoroughly depressed by now, been listening to his songs non-stop for two days.


No doubt his lyrics were superb but I could never get past the voice, so I couldn’t possibly listen to him. It grieves me to see him described as a ‘singer’.


Honestly it’s like you’ve stolen my exact assessment of Bob Dylan haha


Yep, Dylan. Neck and neck with Cohen in the vocal department.


Tom Waits is another one, and Lou Reed.
Great songs, but not great singers.
I suppose it’s personal preference.
I can listen to any of these singer songwriters but for not too long.


Going to throw Bjork name into this, just to show blokes dont have the monopoly on dodgy vocalists.


I don’t know, Victoria Beckham is in a class of her own, when it comes to dodgy vocals.


I’ve never heard VB sing. Is it that even, like all of those mentioned so far, she can’t even be saved by Auto-Tune? That said, every recording you hear now has been run through Auto-Tune to greater or lesser degree. Not many genuinely good natural singing voices around, unfortunately.


Andrew Sachs has passed away. :pensive:



Omg 2016 is the WORST


No way!!! Genuinely gutted. Massive Fawlty Towers fan :pensive:


Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer has died.
His christmas song is by far the best ever written.
Great man of music.