The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


I’ve got a lot to catching up to do but what a bloody brilliant result for us today. The second half of this season has been horrendous at times to watch, but this was a massive result. We’ are no doubt underdogs for the Final, but at least we’re in it! I want to particular thank @Cristo for his excellent opening post, clearly bringing some inspiration to the team, and @Phoebica for being our lucky charm at the game :smiley:


You not watch it mysty? :slight_smile:


[quote=“Calum, post:143, topic:1404, full:true”]
You not watch it mysty?
[/quote]I did mate, though I missed bits and bobs because I was watching at a mates. I more meant catching up with the reaction on here :smiley: I assume we’re a lot happier than normal today? :wink:

And another note. this result proves we have to keep Calum well away from match thread making for the rest of the season :arteta:


fuck you :joy:


Another thing I noticed, particularly in the first half, was that we seemed to be employing tactical fouling. And quite intelligently, with a number of players committing fouls rather than just Xhaka and Coquelin doing it (if he were playing).

Call me cynical but I liked seeing that. Other sides do it as a matter of routine and to great effect, about time we see an Arsenal side doing the same.




I have to admit, I did not see that performance coming. I was expecting a spanking and even predicted as much, especially if Wenger went with 3 at the back. Where the fuck did that performance come from, especially the second half. If I have to summarize that performance in 1 word, it would be DESIRE. We wanted it more, a whole lot more. We were physical, full of pace, defended like it mattered, looked dangerous going forward, and while we rode our luck a bit, at the end, we kind of deserved the win. Having said that, on another day, City could have won that game, it was just one of those kind of games.

I still can believe we are capable of such a performance. You know what, I wouldn’t have cared had we lost that game after a performance like that because we gave it our all and no one can fault us for that performance. That’s all we want as fans and for once, the team delivered. It’s just great that we won and now are in the final.

I don’t know if we can build on this and I wouldn’t build my hopes up because we have seen many such false dawns. But one thing is for sure, this team, when they really want it, can do the business. As for individual performances, fuck that, this was a team performance. Some players didn’t/couldn’t do much but others made up for them. Mistakes were made but we atoned for them. Just what we needed and hopefully, the team realises what it means to be a team and how strong they can be when they play like one.


I’m just so elated. As I left the pub last night I literally thought, this is why we keep watching, this is it. I was at the main Arsenal pub in Bangalore to watch this, and there was a significantly smaller crowd than usual, I think because of the state of our season. Out of nowhere, there were a decent few City fans as well (a rare breed in these parts). After our second goal went in a bunch of us Arsenal fans started doing the Poznan :arteta:. Some of the chanting between the two groups got a little aggressive, I’ll admit to having started off ‘Fuck off City’, but by the end it was all peace, with some handshakes to go around. There was even a kid, maybe an 11-12 year old City fan bawling his eyes out, true fan that. Fantastic night.


Exactly. Hopefully we have finally stopped being soft.


Yeah my FA Cup record is still in tact :tada: Need to make sure I get a ticket for the final now - the team clearly can’t win without me.


If you were there yesterday why wouldn’t you be at the final tho?

Or are you renting off someone?


If anybody intends to sell a cup final ticket I would definitely love to go to my first cup final.


Less tickets for a start… And all those STs that didnt apply for the semi will apply now, for the final…They should go to back of the queue in my opinion…The final is always a sham ticket wise…


It was easy to get a ticket yesterday. Anyone could have gone - Arsenal were even ringing members up and asking them to come! I’m betting a lot of season tickets holders who didn’t fancy yesterday might feel differently about a final though. But it shouldn’t be a problem, I have a few family members with season tickets and my uncle is on holiday for the final so can just use his to get a ticket, hopefully.


Enter all the competitions, A mate of mine actually won one with Talksport funnily enough against Chelsea in Cardiff.
Good hunting…


Might be a bit easier to get a brief…
The FA is to help more fans of the two Emirates FA Cup Finalists to attend English football’s showpiece match – with more than 57,000 tickets now going directly to those supporters.
An FA Board proposal to increase allocations for the competing clubs has been agreed.
Currently, the two clubs are entitled to 25,500 tickets each. Increasing this number to 28,650 tickets per team is a significant step forward and is equivalent to 80 per cent of the available seats rather than the previous 71 per cent.


I’m going to try my hardest not to leave it down to sheer luck lol


Seems like ages since ive felt like that about watching us. Ecstatic with the result and effort in performance. Really wanted to win this the players and fought hard to do it. Had more balls than them in the extra time and got our just desserts.
FA cup any day of the week of the top 4 tv gimmick. Just dont get feelings of elation like yesterday being a dozen points behind the leaders.
The performance gives genuine hope for the final. In the community shield now so some people on here will be in heaven today.


If we lose the Cup final doesn’t the team that finish 2nd in the league play Chelsea in the community shield ?


Apologies, I figured you were a season ticket holder.

Our allocation yesterday was approx 32k and the final will be somewhere between 26-27k which is of course a shambles and the reason why the League Cup final is so much better for fans, as I have droned on about in the past :sunglasses:

It will be 3+ credits again and the usual arguments will be made but as far as I’m concerned it’s not a stretch to pick up 3 credits and I think the Club policy is fine.

Blame Wembley and ‘Club Wembley’ :nauseated_face: for indulging the corporates.