The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


Bingo :grinning:


So it’s defensive football which actually leads to having luck? We should not have won that game. But at least direct qualification for Europa League is in the pocket :slight_smile:.


Thanks, normally when I do them we lose! Maybe I’ve turned a corner too!


fucking hell you sound disappointed that we won :confused:


1 more jinx to crush…smash Chelsea in the final… I believe we will have the same end as today…


It’s not. Only the winner of the FA Cup gets it, the runner up doesn’t if the winner already has CL football. UEFA changed the rules.

In any case this was a huge win. We really turned up today and I believe this will have a massive impact on the team in salvaging the rest of the season. Holding, Ox and Gabriel were incredible.

Very nice to see us win a big cup game against a big team, coming from behind as well.

This could be a watershed for us.



I am. But I don’t see how acknowledging luck seems to be disappointment? It seems like talking about the performance is not done anyway in case of a win.

@Cristo. That’s a carbage new rule. European football gets even more difficult for smaller teams.




Some silly people having a Barney outside Wembley.


Over the moon. The cup is special and always will be special. Awful season? Today we don’t give a fuck. What a fighting performance.


The state of the barnets


Just incredible that the bloke on the left lives in a world in which he hasn’t got the worst haircut out of all the people he knows


Didn’t. See. This. Coming.
Although City created a massive of clear cut chances in the extra time I wasn’t worried. It just felt so secure that we should win this! Damn I wish I could feel this joy every week from now on. We deserve it after all these shit fests this season :grin:


Ox was absolutely stellar. He was the catalyst of this win today. He completely skinned Clichy all day and Sane is still in his pocket. Gabriel and Holding with fantastic games as well and Monreal what an equalizer and great defense. We played better with Welbeck up top, and if not for some sloppy play on the counter we could have won this 3 or 4 - 1. Yeah we got lucky but fuck it about time we are on the end of some luck.

I thought there were a couple. Giroud got dragged down on a set piece and then the Sanchez one. I haven’t seen any replays but those two stuck out in my mind.



“COYG”… Ich liebe dich, Serge. :heart_eyes:



Words can’t describe how much I love the Wembley woodwork.


A chance to relive it all