The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


No were the FAs representive. Champions are the leagues.


Agreed that it’s a bit poor for any STH to just stay away from the semi and then opt in for the final.

Mine, my fiancé and assorted family ST were either used or given to the people who rent them, if they hadn’t wanted them for whatever reason I would’ve given it to someone on here most probably


As of last season finalist get 28650 tickets…


How come in 1998/1999 season we played United in the Charity shield ? Shouldn’t it have been Newcastle then ?


watching the replay I’m
That excited


No, I’ve never really needed to be to be honest. My family have had STs forever, and there is usually at least one person in their group who doesn’t go each week. Plus when you sit in the same seats, you get to know people around you too don’t you? So yeah, most weeks I get a message from someone saying “I’ve got a spare ticket.” I know quite a few Chelsea season ticket holders too, so could maybe get a ticket in either end :grin:


Lauren at Wembley.


Better and more decisive than :ozil2: :mustafi:


Omg marry me :cristo:




Cristo on the pull using his own emoji :laughing:


:ozil2: :arteta:


Yeah, I get around. I’m going to watch Leyton Orient v Colchester at the weekend too :smile:

And @Cristo of course. That emoji has sold the idea to me :wink:


Honestly didnt see us winning this

3 at the back again and it actually suits someone like Gabriel. Thought he was excellent yesterday as was Holding

Obviously their disallowed goal should of stood. There is no way the linesman could of been 100% certain that the ball was out from his position

Im still not sure their penalty appeal was a penalty. I dont think Ox did much at all to make Aguero trip over his own foot!

Our penalty appeal though was a stone wall pen. Even if the ref cant see it clearly what the fuck is the linesman on that side looking at? If he cant see that as a pen then he should be dropped

Couldnt believe how we got caught out for their goal. Why were are 2 defensive players so far forward? What the fuck was Ramsey doing? What was Cech doing? Just a shambles really. Cech should of been stopping that all day long

We came back well though and Monreal’s goal was an excellent finish from an excellent cross. Thought both Ox and Monreal played really well yesterday. Again the formation is suiting both of them

Thought we controlled the game pretty well from that point. Yeah they hit the bar and the post but apart from that they never really got clear in front of goal

We looked stronger in extra time as well. I would of taken Ozil off a bit earlier and got Walcott on. His pace when they were chasing the game would of caused them all sorts of problems

If we are to carry on with the 3 at the back i’d make one change and bring in Bellerin for Ramsey and move Ox to Ramsey’s position. I think that would make us stronger


I’ve always felt that some refs don’t like their linos making those type of calls and they pretty much instruct them not to.


Five things I learned after the FACup semifinal between Arsenal and Manchester City:

  • The new tactic, and the roles to occupy into the new tactic, could change the destiny of some players as Gabriel, Ox and Monreal, and to be honest, Mesut is the right type of player to play behind the striker in this tactic? I don’t know.

  • I will be very happy if Kolasinac will sign for Arsenal, but the bosnian could have need to fight with this Nacho to play. Monreal played some bad games this season, but some very good games, especially since Lopetegui called him to play again for his country. Gibbs deserves to be sold, not him.

  • Finally we have limited (impossible to stop completely) the physical power of Yaya Tourè. Ramsey and Xhaka worked very well.

  • Petr Cech is now what Jens Lehmann was years ago: still a good GK but with less agility because of his age. Arsenal need to find a new GK. Szczesny? Pickford despite his big lack of experience to “drive the defenders”?

  • We have the right number of players to play with different tactics, but now need to find new quality players to improve the bench. Is a paradox, but keep Coquelin is better than Elneny (despite I like him) because the frenchman can be limited to be a BRM, but we need a better player than Elneny. Goretzka is one of them, or Kovacic, Naby Keita, Tolisso. We need more players on the bench capable to be starters.


Thats just a crazy thing to do, especially in a semi final, if they do actually do that


Are we?

I thought if the league winners also won the fa cup it went to the team who finished 2nd in the league?


I agree. And I’ve no evidence for thinking what I do in all fairness. It’s just something I’ve pretty much always thought as a logical explanation as to why linos “miss” so much.


That’s because it does :+1:t3: