The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


You need a PHD to even begin to get your head around this qualifying malarkey


Imagine qualifying for a world cup playoff on a fucking coin toss. They should have a better poxy system than that.


What about Jack? :thinking: :innocent:


Wish Bale was playing in this Wales vs Ireland match, the game desperately needs some quality.




My god! We are truly terrible. Our best player (Insigne) is totally useless down the left, but Ventura doesn’t understand it.


Not to worry, Wes Hoolahan will soon be introduced.



Ashley Williams oh dear that’s bad.


How can there be a group where Ireland and Wales are fighting for 1st and 2nd and France, Sweden, and Holland are fighting for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?

Surely they should re-organise…


It’s the point in time nature of when the draw is made. Wales are probably the worst 1st pot team I can remember.


Stupid Eurocup reform they did fucking everything up.

Hard to do justice with words to my disdain for the last euro cup. Absolutely awful tournament which should not value the same or be in the same history as previous ones, but will.


Can’t really agree with you there because a) Ireland qualified and b) Iceland were awesome and it was worth it for that alone. :slight_smile:


Just caught up with how some of the tables are looking and Iceland(!) have all but confirmed their top spot in their group (2-0 up against Kosovo…). How incredible is their current crop of players haha


Draw currently no good for Wales. Just let us have it lads.


I’m used to watching you guys play a tense match in rugby, feels weird watching one in football if I’m honest :joy:


A Welsh goal would be interesting though. Just to see both teams absolutely go for it, with the goalkeepers smashing into the action before having to leg it back to their goal.


Thanks god Candreva! We are still shit though.


Minute 95 and wales desperately needs a goal to qualify.


They can’t qualify even with a goal

Have to say didn’t expect to win that! :grinning:


You are rigtht, at least to get a chance in the play offs.