The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Thug life


Serbia and the mighty Iceland qualify to the WC, while Croatia and Ireland go to the playoffs.
Italy will probably be seeded.


Congratulations to Ireland!

At least Wales are staying at home so we aren’t the only home nation not there :joy:


It will end up being only England that actually qualifies for the Finals from your part of the world.


Good call sir! Couldn’t have happened without him :joy:


And yet they are going out soon in the WC :smile:




Honestly could not believe how weak this game has become when Joe Allen left the field in a game that big. In all honesty and even taking account of health and safety issues it was laughable too me.


Get in there, Ireland! :muscle:

Congrats @shamrockgooner


In reaching the World Cup finals for the first time, Iceland become the smallest nation ever to do so.

They’re coming for us…:santi:


We need to look at Iceland and follow their model. Have as many people be first class coaches as possible. But we won’t because the SFA are scum


You forget Gigi :xhaka:


Image facing them again :poldi:


Australia and Syria 1-1 2nd leg, heading to extra time.


I wondered why Australia were not easily beating Syria. But then I realised 56 year old Cahill is still their main man. And I also saw this… :see_no_evil:


Cahill again. I do feel sorry for Syria.




Syria denied by the post with a 120th min free kick :grimacing:


This match is just to qualify for a playoff, right? Who do you play next?