The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Matt Phillips is absolutely shite. How is he good for West Brom can’t cross or hold the ball for nothing.

Fucking international football getting me excited for nothing.

November International break is utterly pointless now :sob::sob:



Linesman’s had a mare. :gabriel:


I enjoyed this goal so much:

Late equalizer to get us into the world cup. FUcking difficult game, we should have qualified against mexico, but that fucking own goal was a lucky show by mexico.

The commentators lol:

Now USA, Honduras and Panama have to fight for one spot .

On tuesday, there will be awa in south america. The qualifiers over there are on fire.

Fucking colombia, they should have won to bury Argentina chances. How can they fuck it up in Barranquilla, meanwhile they were winning against a shitty Paraguay, James fucked it up so bad.

Now Colombia vs Peru, Argentina vs Ecuador, Brazil vs Chile and Paraguay vs Venezuela will determine 3 spots including playoffs. They are all so close to each other.


You have to attack to win the games :wink:


Id say defend better in yesterdays game tbh.


So in the European qualifying, the 9 group winners are automatic and the 8 best 2nd place finishes go into a playoff ?


Whoa @Cristo that first-touch from Lord Bendtner to completely take the goalie out was sublime. Can’t believe it was ruled out!


I know it was bullshit, he was totally onside.

He’s totally found his renaissance in Norway, and he could have had a hat-trick in this game.

Who knows, maybe if we make it to the world cup and he has a good tournament he might get one final big(ish) contract at a big club. He’s been scoring a lot of great goals at Rosenborg.


That’s true, but it was pathetic to see no attack from them when Slovenia drew and took the lead.
FFS! They needed to win!


So Denmark could face:

  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Bulgaria
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Greece

Based on history we’ll probably get Portugal because we’ve played them in every qualifying stage for a Euros or a WC for like the last 10 years.

I would fucking love Sweden though, oh my god the atmosphere at those games would be unreal. I love games against Sweden with something on the line.


Will Denmark be seeded?



Yeah and defend whole second half we were awful don’t know what the fuck happened. We only came back to life when it went to 2-2 on the 86th minute.

It was looking so good at half time I was even thinking of trying for tickets for the home leg of the playoffs… :see_no_evil:


Ahh possibly, but it depends on the new rankings that are about to get calculated.

We were about to win last night and then conceded a stupid deflected equaliser in the last minutes so that might hurt our chances, I’m not sure.


Or Ireland if we beat Wales.

So not Ireland.


Do we already know seeded teams?


you got every chance with Ashley Williams playing mate. Revenge for Coleman tackle and hoards of Irish fans ready for a party.


Depressing state of football coverage in the mainstream media


Who still buys papers in 2017?!

And anyway I’d rather read about my home country than Egypt or Brazil tbh can’t see what he’s getting at.


Yeah that’s stupid. Danish media only talks about teams other than Denmark when something out of the ordinary happens, like Egypt for example.


I mean it’s natural, and desired, to write extensively about your home nation. But that ratio seems rather silly to me, there are much bigger stories outside of England and the home nations that are interesting to football fans.

And of course I don’t mean to specify just the British press this happens everywhere with a major football nation tbh, in Spain they don’t even focus away from Madrid/Barça :laughing:

On a separate note this article is brilliant :joy: