Santi Cazorla


You have the power to change it. :slight_smile:


Why? I think Biglia-Banega is a good combo.


Damn wish I thought of that one


Banega didn’t play against Brasil. [quote=“Midfield_Maestro, post:143, topic:99”]
Damn wish I thought of that one

I know right! :welbeck:

Anyways, an epically boring cunt like him doesn’t deserve anything but an epically shit nickname that takes half a second to think of.


on Santi Cazorla…
At the moment I’ve given a little bit up on that, I don’t know how far he is. It looks to me that he’s making progress but as long as a player is not in full-time training with the squad, it’s very difficult to set targets. It’s not a big injury that will harm his future but it’s an inflammation at the back of his Achilles and it’s always very difficult on inflammations to give a set time.



His 2nd season with injury struggels, he’s almost 32. I’d think his Arsenal career as a (reliable) Arsenal starter is over.


Couldn’t agree more but chances are Wenger will still go into next season relying on him to be available for 30 + league matches.


I think we’ll honestly invest in a younger player with a likeness to Santi or see how Wilshere does this season with Bournemouth, possibly reviving his Arsenal career. If we can keep Santi on like Rosicky for another couple of seasons before he wants to go back to Spain, that would be great.


And if we’re smart, we’ll fund the majority of the transfer at least by selling AR.


Ramsey, Xhaka, Coquelin, Wilshere, Elneny. Maybe a youth player? That’s five or more players for two positions. I’m sceptical Wenger is going to add to that.


Ramsey and maybe Wilshere are gone. Definitely going to be room come the summer for something to happen.


First have to see it happen. I feel like those two and Walcott are his untouchables.


Is there scope for Xhaka to be the new Santi?

I really cannot stress enough that Santi isn’t the be all and end all of midfielders, we miss him because he isn’t here, however when fit he doesn’t dominate games. He is simply just not garbage.

So we don’t need to find a ‘new’ Cazorla, we just need a central midfielder that has more than ‘do a job’ in his locker.


Watch closer.


Take your own advice.


Well that is doing him a massive, massive disservice.


Granted, ‘not garbage’ is a piss poor assessment. But the post wasn’t meant to analyse him, but rather highlight that a large number of players should be able to fill that role and actually take it to greater heights.

Edit: i guess what i was saying is that he stands out because we have sub standard replacements, that are garbage.

But then I don’t really think Ramsey or Elneny are garbage. Just, oh fuck it. You know what I mean?


I’m not sure you even know what you mean.


Well you’re wrong about at least one of them. :slight_smile:


You think Cazorla dominates games, delete your account.