Santi Cazorla


Presumably along with Özil and Sanchez?


Yeah that’s the catch 22 of course, but if we brought in a good manager to replace him I’d have to think at least one could be retained, especially if they’re already locked into long-term contracts.

Meh, too early in the season to be fatalistic. Maybe the light will switch for Ramsey at age 26, with the help of Xhaka as a partner. Who the fuck knows, crazier things have happened.

But yeah, I think we can all start to feel it coming… :confused: Collapse, battle for top 4, just get it, Wenger stays, Wenger favourites retained, and we go again. As always, here’s to hoping this is the year something changes.


I cannot believe you have become one of those posters that actually wishes the club fail.

What the fuck happened to you.


I had the wool pulled out from over my eyes.


Not wanting Wenger to be our manager is fine, I don’t know many that wouldn’t welcome change.

But this whole ‘I hope we finish outside the top 4’, it’s just the single worst kind of support I can imagine. Makes me glad you don’t go to games, and I mean that truthfully.


Well, I hope we finish first. I hope we finish 2nd but in a genuine title challenge that goes down til the end. I hope we finish 3rd but in a genuine title battle that goes down til the end that gives us genuine hope for a genuine one the season after.

But as I, and you, and all of us have seen this enough to know what the most likely outcome is, well, if it’s between that, and us not continuing with a manager who is not able to take the club further at the expense of CL football next season, I’ll take the latter.

I don’t go to games anymore because since I’ve been able again because this club, the way it is currently managed, doesn’t enthuse me enough to plan a weekend and its expense to London. So don’t worry.


If Santi will be not 100% fit for the rest of the season, the rumor about Paredes could be true.


Is Paredes actually good? I’m skeptical of a player that can’t get into an Argentine midfield as lamentable as their current one.

Then again, the team is run horribly, so maybe he just can’t get into the team for that very reason.


Is CL football really the deciding factor to keeping star players these days ? I mean Chelsea finished 10th and what star players did they lose ? I don’t think scrapping into the top 4 will help our cause for keeping Ozil and Sanchez much to be honest, I think it will be more about the contract offers and how much ambition they think we have going forward.


He is showing his qualities with AS Roma after an incredible loan spell with Empoli.


A very very valid observation actually there sir.


More Paredes.


Who is this, is this someone we are keeping tabs on or something? Looks like a tidy player!


The usual garbage sources;, the sun etc.

I don’t think Roma is going to let him go anyway.


It’s true no Chelsea players left but realistically their best players are being paid probably more than any other players in the PL on long contracts.
Also, most people realise that they won’t be out of the top four for long and that Abramovich will do everything he can to get them back in the CL.

But if we sold Ozil or Sanchez I’m not sure that Wenger or Kroenke would spend the money they got on ready made replacements of similar quality.

I personally think Sanchez and Ozil are wanting the best contracts they can get, knowing they are at the height of their skills, and they can pretty much walk into any team in Europe and ask what they want, in terms of wages.

So we have to match, not only what other clubs offer financially, but also in terms of ambition.
Which means we will have to get at least a world class striker, and possibly winger or attacking midfielder to replace Cazorla, to persuade them to stay, as well as top wages.

If we are willing to pay Walcott, Chamberlain and Ramsey around 100k a week, or more, and Sanogo and Campbell 30k or more, then Sanchez and Ozil deserve what ever they want.

Let’s face it, if those two left, we aren’t going to replace them with anything as good, and we won’t be able to attract the sort of players we could do, with them here.

Players want to play with others that are also world class, and Sanchez and Ozil are those type of players, so attracting similar players won’t be as difficult, but Walcott, Chamberlain and Ramsey wouldn’t attract anyone and would be a big turn off for anyone thinking of coming here.


Feels wrong to have Paredes videos in Cazorla’s personal thread.

We’re cheating on Santi :santi:


How long were they out of the CL? 1 season? Hardly enough for anyone to really run down his contract and force a way out. CL football is and will always be a motivation (not the sole reason) to move clubs as it’s the biggest club competition in the world. Anyone saying otherwise is merely using it for the sake of his own argument.


Paredes is absolute class mate, honestly he’s such a joy to watch.

In terms of potential realistic replacements for Santi, Paredes would be my No1 pick followed closely by Toni Kroos :smirk: but seriously though I’m praying these rumours are true.

I think you hit the nail on the head as to why he hasn’t been called up to the Argentina yet (that shit’s only a matter of time) he literally should be the heart beat of that team right now or at least the one who plays penetrating passes into Messi’s feet ona consistent basis.


Haha yeah the state of Argentina’s midfield is honestly shocking, I watched them for a bit against Brasil and I haven’t seen midfield play that appalling/frustrating since Ramsey-Flamini.


Right and he didn’t end up missing months, he ended up missing a few matches but that didn’t stop the fervor now did it? Maybe you didn’t personally say that his career was in danger but a lot of people insinuated that he’d have this chronic issue forever and we’ve not heard of it since.