Pre-Season 2016/17



Theo as always needs to be carried by fellow players.


Yes it is on ITV4 ( from 7:15pm-9:30pm


So Gabriel is back, but no Wilshere. Hopefully this simply means that he’ll be training in London and back for the start of the season.


Thank you sir ! Excitement was justified then !


Wenger said the other day that it was something to do with his knee, hence why he didn’t make it for this trip.


Wonder if we can ship Theo off to the Vikings?


Uhm…no Jack. Injured again? :poldi::bellerin:


Yea, I heard as much, but there have been no follow-up news on the injury. i’m just hoping that it’s nothing too serious and that it’s not going to be another missed pre-season, missed X amount of games due to not being match fit thing.


At least it is knee and not his glass ankles… can’t possibly be more than a week or so, right? Riiiggghhtttt???



I chuckled at the desperation of this post, no offence meant, but isn’t it typical of us to take comforts from things like “oh at least it’s his knees this time, not his ankles”.

Here is some free advice, just assume that you won’t see Wilshere play for us ever again, in any season. That way, whatever few games he does play in a season would be a welcome surprise. That’s what I do.


Looks like we have bigger support in Norway than I realised. Currently on the ferry to Stavanger for tonight’s game and it’s packed with Gooners. A good mix of old and very young, so a lot of future generations of fans.

Seeing a lot of Xhaka shirts too.




Bielik is still showing character and composure like CB, despite this isn’t his natural role. He deserves much more than a chance. For the rest, apart Santi who is the light as usual, I’m happy to see players like Gibbs, Joel and Debuchy ready to fight for a shirt into the XI. If Arsène will sign a striker and a defender, we will have a complete squad. Especially on midfield, the quality is incredible because Wenger can choose between Granit Xhaka, Coquelin, Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla and Adelaide.

If two players will sign for us, we will have this starting XI: Cech; Bellerìn - new CB - Koscielny - Monreal; Xhaka - Ramsey/Cazorla; Oxlade - Ozil - Sanchez; new FW. It’s a fucking strong XI


Ospìna; Debuchy - Gabriel - Holding/Bielik - Gibbs; Coq - Elneny/Jack; Theo - Iwobi - Joel; Giroud. It’s a fucking strong plan B!


That is what is so frustrating right now. I honestly think that would be a very strong team with the right two signings, our best squad since the Invincibles and one capable for competing for the league. We aren’t that far away objectively but when it all rests on Wenger signing two top level players…


Eh, you’ve still got a player who isn’t good enough at RW in that team, and a CM partnering Xhaka who is either not nearly good enough (read: isn’t even a centre midfielder, Ramsey), or who isn’t that good (Coq/ElNeny: though if it weren’t the case that Ramsey would play over Coquelin or ElNeny this wouldn’t be as big of a deal, as those two partnered with Xhaka are not that much more inferior to some of the options that City, Chelsea, United will trot out regularly in CM) when/if Cazorla isn’t fit.

And, most importantly, you’ve got a manager who is not as good as his competition.

Given that, objectively, we’re still pretty far away. A good level CB and a ST and we’d still need loads to go right for us to even compete for the title, IMO. One of those things would need to be Wilshere staying fit and taking the RW position, and the other thing would need to be Santi staying fit and Ramsey miraculously not getting that many games in CM.



mate, stop to be obsessed with Oxlade and Ramsey.


It’s not them he is talking about, he is talking about Campbell…he is the only person that thinks he is not good enough…but of course he is right because he is a narcissist and only his opinions are correct even if you disagree. If you disagree you are wrong and you HAVE to see the error of your ways or he will go on and on and on and on about it like a dripping tap.


No mate, I was talking about Ox. And I am certainly not the only one who thinks Campbell is not good enough to be the first-choice RW for a top team. At least I hope I am not. Campbell is to RW what ElNeny is to CM. The only difference is you’ve got people like you who’ve got delusions about Campbell’s ability, and there doesn’t seem to be a similar crowd with ElNeny.