Pre-Season 2016/17


Debuchy is :poop: wouldn’t mind letting him go and Chambers covering RB but I also don’t mind him staying if it means Jenkinson gets no minutes.


I’m not sure that Debuchy is even that much better that Jenkinson. Dude looks like he’s wearing cement shoes.


Jenkinson was pretty bad already, + an ACL injury and I’m imagining a truly useless player. Only thing Jenkinson has or had going for him is his exceptional athleticism, with that possibly taking a hit I don’t even want to see what he’ll become.


So what do we make of Holding playing the full 90 twice in a row while Chambers splits time with Bielik? Its possible to read too much into these things but I think Holding might be ahead of Chambers already in the CB pecking order. He looks like a player in general and a player Wenger might really like in particular.

I still think Wenger will buy a more experienced CB to pair with Koscielny but I wouldn’t be surprised if Holding is competing with Gabriel for the third CB role sooner rather than later.


Just got back from the match. All I took from it was Theo is wasteful, Xhaka is a fucking pass master, Coq is always in the right place, Santi is like very few in world football with the ball at his feet, and Holding looks like a legit CB. Oh and I almost forgot, OA prepare your anus for the year of the Ox! :henry2:

Btw what happened to the goofy looking ox emote wtf that was my fave?!


Couldn’t watch the game, as i had to wake up early today. Pleased with another good win. How was the game?


I really just hope we can flog Theo off before the end of the Transfer window. Good to see Ox playing well hopefully it can continue to some degree in the season proper.


Another good test before the official debut against Liverpool. Like many fans, I didn’t watched the game.

Watching the highlights, I noticed Walcott useless again, Chambers is easy to dribble, stupid foul by Debuchy, great goal by Ox, totally in love with Holding, our wonderkids are tremendous and Mesut on the bench :heart_eyes:


We need him now though for depth purposes. Even if we sign another striker we are entering the season with the basic minimum. New striker, Giroud, Theo.


How did everyone feel about seen the third kit in action?

I love it…might have to go full kit wanker on that.


The third kit is an absolute travesty.

It looks tacky as fuck and the fact they’ve changed the badge colour makes it look like a fake shipped straight from child labour factories somewhere in Thailand.


For anyone like me who missed our game vs Chivas Guadalajara here’s a link for the full match if you’re interested -


Loved it too, dem socks.

Miss having a real badge on the kit but it’s nice to have a third kit with a bit of spice to it even if it is somewhat tacky.

@Midfield_Maestro you say that as though there is something wrong with child labour?


Saw the yellow away kit at the Arsenal shop in Finsbury Park and it’s fucken’ well lush. Not a fan of the third tbh.


The third is fantastic like the third tracktop, I will buy them asap.


There is more wrong with that kit than there is child labour.


The thing about child labour is that their small, nimble, dextrous fingers are just capable of a much higher quality of stitching than grown ups


I’m here to tell you a few things about child labor laws, ok? They’re silly and outdated. Why back in the 30s, children as young as five could work as they pleased; from textile factories to iron smelts. Yippee! Hurray!


Alexis and Ramsey are travelling to the Scandinavia friendlies.


Someone said to me the game is on itv4 on Friday … Can anyone tell me if he’s chatting poo and I’ve Gotta slap him for getting my hopes up ? Lol