Olivier Giroud


I hope he keeps adding to that. From the bench.

I love how people seem to think him achieving 100 seems to prove his criticizers wrong whilst he has been demoted to the bench. Something that already happened last season.


Cheers, your backhanded compliment there being a tacit acceptance of his underrated status. :+1:


I fully and explicitly accept his new, ‘confirmed’ status as a bench player and hope he will do very well.


Best back up in the world?


Manchester City can rotate Aguero and Gabriel Jesus.


Both are first choices, tbh.


Happy birthday beautiful :sunglasses:


Only 8/10. I’m disappointed in myself :expressionless:


I would be on team Giroud if it wasn’t for his big ass nose and scars tbh


Christ! You are so horny for him :xhaka:


HE HAS MY NAME ACROSS HIS CHEST! He is horny for me too.


I won’t blame any girl who would be horny for Giroud. He is indeed quite attractive.

However his choice of hooker during his infedilty fiasco was so fucking weird.
I mean if I had his looks & if I wanted to destroy my marriage, I would do so by nailing some 9/10 chick, not that horrendous specimen.


@shamrockgooner @Bl1nk this is ban worthy!


The true Jade :hipster:


Why are you ruining my life?


Doubtful tbh. They seem like reasonable turn offs to me.


Right! You’re on my list!


The cool list?


Nah, the “people who I’ll kill first when I become dictator” list


Just speaking the truth :xhaka: :stuck_out_tongue:


His nose is perfect, just like the rest of him. He’s so handsome it’s unfair!