Olivier Giroud


See @shamrockgooner this is how you get voted mod of the year


I’ve never really seen it in Giroud, and I think Ramsey is also overrated looks wise. Xhaka is sexy, especially when he’s angry. I miss his annual red cards


Yeah, we are so ugly compared with him :frowning:


Bad guys cheat


It’s not so fun when you’re on the receiving end tho


He’s an outstanding male specimen from top to toe and I won’t hear another word on the matter :sunglasses:


He looks especially great sitting.


@Bl1nk has always been a populist with his tech savvy design and fixing of stuff and what have you. I could never truly compete.


Just say you think Giroud is the best thing to play for Arsenal since Ted Drake and you’ll be a winner


I’m sick of the objectification of men.


Really Jake? Even if I told you that you’re the best looking mod? True story


No ma’am.


Awww actually yeah. I’ll give you that. On the old OA my profile picture was actually of Bergkamp. @Mysty was the only person who remembered that though.


Arteta should absolutely be on that list.

Giroud is if anything overrated. There’s a serious lack of perspective with him, and people love to use little stat graphics to lose perspective and hype him up, not to mention the aesthetic quality of some of his goals also helps him. Finally people like yourself go to a lot of effort to go against so called ‘Giroud hate’ which just ends up in people over-adjusting in the wrong direction.

Walcott is much more underrated than Giroud, for example. And he definitely should not be on any list with truly–without qualifications–good enough players like Gilberto and Lauren (and Arteta).


You’re the best on here at giving your opinion, adding in a load of often meaningless verbiage and passing it off as fact. I’ll stick with my original view :+1:


Not seen all the mods/admins but reckon @SRCJJ easily most fine. Guys wedding photos are regal, beard, guns, loving life.


Lol sounds like you’ve given it a lot of thought :laughing:


Depends on what you like. @SRCJJ is like a full bodied, sophisticated red wine, good for most occasions and most tastes. I’m more like a slim line gin and tonic, an acquired taste with a strong hint of bitterness.


I always said you were my favourite poster lol