Olivier Giroud


Don’t get horny :hipster:


He’s even got your name tattooed on his chest :weary: So unfair

I like that only 6 of his 100 are penalties, thought it would be more. Such a good striker, catching Walcott up too


Too late :smiling_imp:

Yep. We spent a lovely night together and he wanted to remember me :sunglasses:


:cech: :henry2:


Very humbling to see lists like that. Wrighty really was something else, such a shame I was a shade too young to appreciate him as much as he deserved.


“my club” :heart_eyes: legend


He should be well into the top 15 before the season is out. Much better player than given credit for…


the hero we need, not the hero we want


I’d like to see him surpass RVPs tally before he’s finished here.


As long as they all come from the bench.


So happy the undeserved hate towards this hunk of man is finally over.


I hate this cunt.


He’s got a lot of hate over the years so I respect his mentality to get 100 goals. At least Walcott has some company in the 100 club now


2012–13 : 17
2013–14 : 22
2014–15 : 19
2015–16 : 24
2016–17 : 16
2017–18 : 2

It’s not impressive but it is adequate.
For 12m & his wages, he has done his job accordingly.




Nah. Him and Walcott finally got the roles they supposed to have had years ago.


Another good thing about Giroud is his fitness. He has only missed 27 matches due to injuries.
The one long term injury he had was that freak toe injury during Everton match.


Definitely amongst the most underrated players at the club since I started supporting Arsenal in 1990, alongside Gilberto, Edu, Parlour, Wilford and Lauren, regardless of some of the pompous views I read about him on here :sunglasses:


The fact that he is a bench player now (which he should have been 3 seasons ago) makes those views less pompous I would say.


The amount and regularity of important goals he’s scored for us makes them even more pompous, I’d say