Middlesbrough vs Arsenal (Premier League)


If Boro win this tonight, we deserve to finish 7th quite frankly, If the Palace debarcle doesn’t wake this team up, I don’t know what will.


Think we win this 2-0 without having to play too well. I think this game and the Sunderland games are the only ones I can see us winning. We aren’t getting top 4, and the FA Cup semi is as far as it will get for us.

If he loses or draw this, it’s going to get real bad.


I’ve told her i’m not watching arsenal while she’s watching Mrs Brown in the bedroom… Fkk that for a lark!
I shouln’t be made to suffer that sort of pain at my age.
I can’t help thinking she’s really laughing at arsenal and not Mrs Brown. The giggling fooking manic chuff lol!


I had a day off today said fuck it I’m working today for 4hrs because they needed help rather that than watch us labour through a match.


Mrs Brown’s Boys is probably the least funny ‘comedy’ programme I’ve ever seen in my life, give your good lady’s head a shake Len!




Wenger: "Shit, I ain’t fucking playing Jenko or Boochie at RB, I’d best switch up. "

That or… “See, I can change!”


What the fucking fuck?!




What the hell is this?! Has Wenger just drawn names out of a hat for this one?!



Unexpected formation change!!


That face when you see Holding starting…




Wenger has only taken 13 years to finally change his line-up.


It’s a late April fools isn’t it wenger doesn’t change formation.


Gabriel - Koscielny - Holding - Monreal
Ramsey - Xhaka
Lexi - Oezil - Alexis


I’d love to be all hyped about finally some tactical flexibility but I’ve seen plenty of PL managers go for a back 3 and get completely dicked all over the pitch.

But fuck it now I actually want to watch this shit. Fuck you Wenger.


Sky have just said we are playing 3 at the back for the first time since 1997!

@persona wenger has just confirmed it’s a three center halfs on sky


Don’t kill any hope, you bloody german! :bellerin:


Maybe it’s part off his new contract he has to try a new formations