Middlesbrough vs Arsenal (Premier League)


If Wenger can’t get the players going for this game, after the dismal performance against Crystal Palace, then it proves he has lost the dressing room.

Any player with any pride should be embarrassed by the last game, and should want to prove they aren’t a bunch of weak minded, overpaid, time wasters.
They shouldn’t need Wenger to motivate them, they should be able to do that themselves.

I can’t remember the last decent performance we had, probably the thrashing against West Ham, so although this is yet another season written off, we should at least put a stop to this unacceptable run of results.

I’m going for us to win…just.


Why not League Two? :bellerin: Our level lays there :mustafi:


What do you mean another one? We’ve barely won a game in 2017.


He’s :fishing_pole_and_fish: @srcjj does it for every game for some strange reason


They were all easy though :per:


3-1 to boro then :kissing_heart:


3-2 arsenal


Middlesbrough are capable of being slightly organised and motived and will thus put us easily to the sword.


With Man U winning, as well as Liverpool, Man City, spurs and Everton, any chance we had of top four has virtually gone.
All the other top clubs are hitting good form at the right time, and we are still in one of the poorest run of results and performances we have seen since Wenger came here.

At least West Brom lost, so top seven looks pretty good.

If we are sixth or lower, which is what I have thought for quite a while, and Wenger does stay, let’s hope he learns from his mistakes.:facepalm:


Dropping out from the top 4 should be a good kick in the ass, but i am not sure of it.


Whisper this but they will want it more. It is more important to them, no matter how you dress it up.
Honestly fuck it play the kids. Wembley is more important.


If we lose to Middlesbrough and Leicester then we have no hope against Man City. Our bunch of pansies will wilt in the heat of the occasion.

Some momentum (however flimsy) is vital and that’s why we need two wins against Middlesbrough and Leicester this week. So that they might turn up at Wembley and “want it more” than our opponents


We play Leicester after the semi final.

17 Apr 20:00 Middlesbrough (A)
26 Apr 19:45 Leicester (H)


You could’ve spared my blushes there young Calum! :weary:

My present (lack of) Arsenal interest/knowledge cruelly exposed for all to see :sunglasses:


Ha I when you posted that I thought surely we aren’t being made to play three games in a week?!

I had as much knowledge when the Leicester game was as you did until I checked the fixtures lol.


A team with a stale attack vs a team yet to venture beyond the halfway line this season.

Going to be a cracker lads.


@Robin_L, don’t make any prediction for today, ok? :mustafi:


We’re doing that at the start of May - playing Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday. Then again on Tuesday - 4 games in 10 days.

Not that it matters, we only had 1 game in 2 weeks a while ago and still lost it!


It won’t end 0-0


Fiver on 0-0