Middlesbrough vs Arsenal (Premier League)


What channel is this on?




Guys, it’s just Gabriel coming in at right back :laughing:

The official site formation has been wrong a few times before



Dont matter what it looks like on paper we’ll still end up with just the 2 back with 8 upfront…



Sky sports mix


MDC open

Edit: Leper, you need to leave a link open for people to get into MDC mate:(Mysty)







So good to have that winning feeling again.


It feels like United under LVG. Flat win, but it’s always a win in the end, right? I think the Ox was our MoTM. Boro couldn’t just stop him down the right.


A win’s a win but Boro are useless so let’s not get carried away. Alexis, Ox and Holding standouts. Kos and Gab looked dodgy at the back and Boro had their chances. Fantastic free kick from Alexis though.

The next few games are going to be a lot harder then the game tonight.


Away at Boro, considering our form, is definitely a difficult test




I liked the 3-4-2-1 formation and hope Wenger continues with it. The first half hour was awful but we were pretty decent afterward and at least it was different.


Like watching paint dry… Never seen so many 50/50s bottled…roll on the semi, 1 last party… #wengerout


Agree, Middlesbrough are awful, we had to win but also something had to change with our approach. But I credit Wenger for coming out and being honest for the reasons for the tactical change, it worked and it will be interesting to see whether we persist with. Honestly, against Man City I can’t see it

Had the feeling of an an emergency shot in the arm
to confidence formation, especially against a long ball team. But I just don’t think Wenger likes giving up that much possession


Ox had a good game again. Good stuff.


Ramsey did alright. Even though a lot of that game was dire I don’t think we can fault the effort on this occasion. We were shit defensively and didn’t look like we had many ideas going forward, so it wasn’t exactly impressive but at least this crap team fought well. Better to go into Sunday with a tight win than not though.