Mauro Icardi


Icardi is a good player, is fast, his score rating is good, his conversion rate is good, but has a big problem who need to be analyzed seriously. Icardi is a player/man with the desire to be under the lights, he loves the gossip, he likes to have the role of the victim when he plays badly accusing his team-mates to be not good enough to play with him (last year he said these words after a game), hasn’t a personal vision of the world because he is conditioned by others (especially his wife), he created some problem with Sampdoria and Inter with managers, team-mates and fans blaming them publicly.

Is Icardi a striker good enough to play with Arsenal? Yes.

Is Icardi a striker with a potential to become a great player? Yes.

Is Icardi a player with the risk to burn his career 'cause is stupid like Balotelli? Yes.

Can Icardi change the good atmosphere into the dressing room? Yes.

Does we need a dickhead like him? Nope.


I don’t trust his wife/agent to make a deal, as i don’t think she is that clever :weary:


I think the wife/agent is just trying to get a better deal out of Inter…flying to London is just to get headlines in the press and force a new contract offer - he’s apparently only on £60k a week which is low considering he is captain as well…


In itself no , but Dick checks on everyone, everywhere all the time which is why we are linked to players all over the globe all the time when the reality is often that we arent doing much at all .
One thing that happens a lot with him is that an agent will call Dicky boy or vice versa and he determines that player X is available at Y million dollars . Dick then has this habit of saying “he’s only worth Y” next day in the press “Arsenal have bid Y minus 99 pct for X” . Now the club dont mind this because it fools fans in thinking we are doing something when often we are not.
@ Trion I made a mistake of engaging with you again which was a grave error . I do realise that you dont know much about our club and even less about football ,and will never visit these shores on you char wallah salary but theres no need for hissy fits.


Is that actually the case though or is it part agents using our name to secure contracts/interest and websites using our name for clickbaiting? I’m sure we have a long shortlist of players that we get prices/availability on too but some links are obvious BS.


Im sure that happens a lot too mr coatmaker ! One thing is constant is we are probably the most talked about club in Europe ,prabably beacause every one except our management knows we are short of players . :joy:


He’d probably be 4th :smile:[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:100, topic:242, full:true”]
I was getting at Giroud would probably be higher up, in the 30-35 range and it’s no use.

It is useful to a degree though the majority of passes Giroud receives come as a result of him either dropping deep, coming to feet, dragging at least one of the Cb’s out of position leaving potential space to be exploited for our midfielder runners to attack. There’s also situations where Giroud’s ability to pin a defender and act as wall for players to play a 1-2 off can be really effective at times too leading to clear cut goal scoring opportunity’s i.e Rosicky’s goal vs Sunderland, Walcott’s vs Liverpool, Wilshere’s vs Norwich and so on, also aerially because Girouds a big bastard it can lead to defenders trying to double up on him like at the Euro’s for example can’t member which game it was but someone sprayed a nice 30-40 yard pass to Giroud, he flicked it on first time (taking two defenders out the game) which tee’d up Griezmann nicely for a one of one, was great stuff.

Still I do agree with you tho Shammy as much as I can appreciate what Giroud brings to the table his styles lead to us becoming predictable and easy to set up against especially since the big man hasn’t got it in his locker to say spin in behind in an instant and offer a threat over the top for the likes of Ozil, Cazorla & co utilize or beat a man in a 1 on 1 situation.

Which I why personally I think we’re crying out for a nine and a half leading the line (which I touched on up ^^ there) who would bring so much more to our team than just a big arse front man (Giroud) or an out an out poacher (Icardi) would.


Sky Italia reporting that Napoli Chairman De Laurentiis, also a film producer has offered Icardi’s wife a role in a movie.


Lol! Such a weird way to get him!


Hey Burgy, it’s fake, isn’t true :arteta:

However, De Laurentiis is a producer of (shit) comic movies… I would prefer to watch Wanda into a porn, much appropriate for his big qualities. :cristo:


There’s a video of her doing a blowjob :campbell:


I take it his agent and wife are done with shopping at primark then ?



That’s cool Lacazette is still available then.


Stop to follow Messi Minutes, he follows only shit journalists like Ciro Venerato.


We should making a movie goddamit. If you want to sign top players you bow to their demands to get it done. We are bigger then Napoli if we wanted to offer a bigger movie for Wada to be in we could easily do it.


Supposedly Wanda Nara is flying to London again for talks, per Italian media. If true, I think they may be using us for leverage in contract talks with Inter but I wouldn’t be all that surprised if this was the deal that Wenger was focusing on trying to seal right now. Icardi has gotten a lot less attention than Lacazette, Mahrez, or Draxler. But he makes the most sense to me as an attainable player that Wenger might rate highly enough to spend big on, while also being able to keep RW open for some of his pet projects.


He makes the most sense to me for Arsenal because he is probably the cheapest option out of those you mentioned.


Cheap, but still cost 30-40m at least I guess
Probably Arsenal is offering 25m?


Inter’s president has explicitly said that he is hoping for an offer of 50M pounds, which probably means they will accept one somewhat less than that. I have no clue what Wenger will offer if we are actually after him but IMO a 23-year-old striker who has bagged a ton of goals in Serie A over two seasons is easily worth 40-45M pounds in this market, especially given the dearth of CFs in general. If Batshuayi was sold for 38M and Milik for 28M, then Icardi is worth at least 40-45M.