Mauro Icardi


I don’t rate him that high so he doesn’t worth that much to me.
Of course, what I think does not matter, it is about the market value.
If Inter is asking for 50m, then I guess Wenger won’t pay that much for him, unless Wenger rates him higher than Ozil and Sanchez, which I believe he won’t.
Everybody knows we desperately need a striker and when we bid, it won’t be cheap. Unfortunately, we usually don’t follow the market value.



One thing is for sure: Inter is pretty fecked up right now, changing the manager during the preseason. It seems plausible that a plan to sell Icardi might have contributed to Mancini leaving.


Icardi is a good striker but his wife will ruin his career. I can’t imagine a discussion between her and Arsène, it’s unrealistic.


Arsene smells a bargain :wenger:


Is he any good? Heard a lot of controversial stories about him, however it seems he score goals but never really watched him play so cant comment


For the new football club starting next year in LA for the MLS…LAFC naturally, their fan club is called the Ultras :facepalm: cringe.


He’s a classic poacher, great at beating the offside trap, at getting into dangerous positions and finishing his chances.
Problems is that he is incapable and/or unwilling to play as part of a team. Most of the time he just waits for the ball and doesn’t do anything else, it’s almost like having 10 players on the pitch.


Yep, a better version of Hernandez.


You’ve just given us a summation of Theo Walcott of the past two years :theo: