Kylian Mbappe


This is what I’m most worried about. If he signing for us actively knowing this is a stepping stone to the very top level, what is the incentive to sign another deal after the initial 5? I doubt we are consistently challenging for the CL or League by the time he has two years left on his deal to satisfy his ambitions. We could potentially get majorly fucked here after dropping £100M+


Yeah when we had them, we thought (WE and THOUGHT big words, im guilty of) we were 2 players away. But a few things on that. Nasri was always a talented, yet horrible cunt. His time in the national team underline why he should never ever be mentioned again and we were lucky to be shot of him. Victory comes from harmony and all that, and Nasri is… eh. enough said.

Fabregas however, the jewel in the crown, the Prince of the Arsenal. The man who watches all Arsenal games to this day, the guy who thought the people who came to buy Alexis, came to buy him. Yeah, I to this day feel sick just thinking about him. But I can’t help but feel that Wengers comments on big clubs, selling players etc, were all shot to bits by Fabregas. Wenger played a last ditch, a final effort a double bluff.

The crowned Prince of Arsenal. Vieira’ s understudy. What Alexis was to Messi, Fab was to the big man. I don’t for a second think Wenger just let him go, and i think to this day he (fab) fucking regrets going.

I think Fab handed in a transfer request, and Wenger, despite his wishes, let him fuck off. Entirely opinion, zero fact. But just me. Was it in the papers? no, do papers know anything about anything? no. Do we believe them anyway? obviously…

I think a series of unfortunate events by the leadership at Arsenal led to their ruin though. They didn’t anticipate the market booming, they weren’t successful in their youth projects, they misunderstood their clout without David Dein, and they certainly fucked up their forecasting of financial fairplay. These things and many many many (MANY) more. Yes the club (and directly Wenger) are accountable, yes we can believe groundhog day is whay it is, and yes we can shy away from hope in favour of the bitter reality of not meeting expectations. Dont blame you, and actually, the once Mr.AKB agrees with you. I want Wenger gone.

But don’t for a second look at the Mbappe bid and think this isn’t sincere. Wenger was there before ANY man on this forum knew what a fucking Mbappe was (by that I mean, at Mbappe’s family home, trying to acquire him). And IF we signed him last season, it would have been vitriol from start to finish.

Wenger is many things, stubborn, stupid, whatever. But he IS an Arsenal man, and an Arsenal fan through and through. He has stood by the same stock Answers to the press for 20 years, and fans riot because apparently, 30 seconds a week infront of a sky sports camera equates to insight of 365 days of graft behind the scenes. Like he would EVER go ‘Yeah Alexis was fucking shit today lads, palace were all over him, selfish cunt cant pass for shit, but give him a yard to the left of the box and maybe he performs’.

lol, no.

No, no one that painfully autistic (Mourinho) would give such obvious, open, damning feedback via a fucking news outlet. We KNOW arsenal are as private and reclusive about media appearances as possible, why, after any failure, would our manager then sign off on why we fail once it’s happened? It’s mental.

I get the frustrations over our expectations not being aligned with the clubs expectations. But using the Mbappe bid as an example, and the Ozil bid preceding it, there are clear efforts to change this club going on behind the scenes. Just because they seem placid and slow on the outside, really doesn’t mean a damn thing.

I’ve run out of beer, it’s thursday, I’m gonna risk a joint. :smile: Fucking hope something made sense my friend. Peace.

edit: fuck what a journey reading that back was :laughing:





If Mbappe won us 2 leagues in 5 years and then left i wouldn’t really complain.


omg my head. sorry lads what is that.


This is my favourite part :joy:


If you think about it, Wenger going all out to buy some French teenager really is the most Wenger thing ever.


That’s it :xhaka:


Wasn’t that the price 4 weeks ago?


That’s true. Probably just the Daily Fail trying to upset us, knowing how penny-pinchers we are.


It was 130€ before


If it was the Daily Mail it’s probably the same, but they refuse to print a € sign as they won’t have anything to do with the EU, and printed a £ sign instead thinking no one would notice.


Clickbait. The only people I’d trust reporting these negotiations would be French journos and even then…


Would prefer x3 50 million pound players !!


I thought the same when I read that Mbappe could cost around 120m.
That’s two 50m players and a 30m player.
A striker winger and Cazorla replacement.


Nah, quality over quantity all the way for me!

As Steve Jobs said, one home run is better than two doubles


Watch Mbappe get injured and people complain ? 50 mill buys plenty of quality, look at Sanchez & Ozil ??


Lol not really because you would get 1 run from either. That’s one of the dumbest quotes I’ve ever seen. Steve Jobs was a douche.


Lol you don’t have to take it so literally.

I just think signing someone like Mbappe would be a proper statement and would probably break the internet. Whereas, while signing Mahrez and Lacazette would be fine, they’re both players that we can easily get if we really want them, so it wouldn’t have the same OMG feel about it.