Kylian Mbappe


That OMG :astonished: feeling will come with any signing, Wenger got us hoping :rofl::rofl:


Depends on timing…


Mbappe, Lacazette and Mahrez would be some window, possibly the best of any other club in Europe.
But realistically, unless Sanchez leaves, it will only be one of those three, and it won’t be Mbappe.


If Mbappe opts for the Emirates over the Bernabeu, the Arsenal boss will still push for that deal to be done. Wenger is insistent that should the opportunity arrive to sign the Monaco striker, it’s one the club must take

Wenger on a madness!


If that does happen i guess that would mean giroud etc would be out the door. No one could complain that wenger didnt do well if this happens.


Mbappe Ozil Sanchez




I don’t understand this mentality? Why do we need to make a statement. I’d rather improve our squad and win shit. Spending 150mil on an 18 kid is insanity.

Just realized I’ve been married longer than he’s been alive… fuck my life.


What’s not to understand? For a while now, it seems that this club do just enough to keep running at the same speed. Our seasons are repetitive with not much excitement in terms of signings. Splashing £100m on someone who most people agree is going to be world class, a player who pretty much any football fan would kill for in order to have him join their club, would be a massive coup for us and would show that the big boss men do want us to compete again.


To be fair, most human behavior and thought is a mystery to me. I guess it’s because I’m a bit of a cunt and don’t give a single fuck about what the vast majority of people think (because honestly most people aren’t very good at it). So to do something as a “statement” to other people is a foreign concept to me.


Just wondering how far people would take this?
Personally anything beyond a moth would be my limit.


I dunno, there are a few people on here I would happily sacrifice…

Nah, truthfully I’m even scared of moths! I wouldn’t hurt a fly.


That’s very zen buddhist of you, Jade.


What if the fly had killed your family? Would you hurt him then?


That would have to be one bloody big, scary fly. In which case there is no way I’d be sticking around to fight it. Instead, I’d be disappearing quicker than a Krispy Kreme in front of Gemma Collins!


[quote=“Phoebica, post:952, topic:642”]
I dunno, there are a few people on here I would happily sacrifice…
[/quote]Can we sacrifice @discobot fortune for Mbappe instead? :giroud3:


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


he’s done you again @Mysty LOL


@Mysty even when he hasn’t been around for a while he can still mug you off




Yeh there’s no way if Mbappe turns around and says he wants to come here we are turning him down because we’ve already landed Lacazette, could be a very interesting transfer window if he has a change of heart.