Kylian Mbappe


How should I expect that to translate itself if we miss out on Mbappe?


Intent? a display of ambition?

We were fucking around with penny’s not long ago (Suarez) poaching clubs riddled with debt before that (Cazorla).

Further more the touted salary offers for Ozil and Alexis really underline the aforementioned change in policy and attitude.


“We tried”


Cant wait to add him to the team of players we almost signed!


Imagine what Lacazette is going to think if we keep this charade of buying Mbappe until the end of the transfer window, and then say to Lacazette, you are just right for us, we wanted you all along.


I imagine he’ll bite our hand off and say let me grab my things.

He’s a very good player but he’s not exactly in demand tbh, he isn’t turning down a lucrative move because he’s not 1st choice.


People also said Ozil and Alexis werent im demand, guess they are no good either? :smile:


Situations are nothing alike.


Granted, stands to reason though.


Tbh as of now we don’t even know if we’re willing to match whatever Monaco’s asking price is. It’s all about Mbappe’s relatives and stories of how Wenger’s in contact with them.


The Puma deal, Ozil, Sanchez. All signs of intent/ambition/change. The last 4 seasons have all be the same and 17/18 will not be any different.


The last 4 years may resemble eachother, however contrast these four with the four preceding them.

There has been a clear, evidenced improvement. If this summer results in another step forward of the same magnitude then happy days!


However, having already turned down a €120 million offer from Real Madrid, Monaco would now want around €130 or €140 million for the 18-year-old France striker and there is a serious doubt over whether Arsenal would stretch that far. It leaves Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette and Mbappe’s Monaco team-mate Thomas Lemar as more likely targets but any deals this summer would also have to take into account the impact on Arsenal’s wage-bill.


I feel like this is what the £200 million in the bank should be for.


I don’t know. When Arsenal had Fabregas and Nasri Arsenal were very much in the same position. ‘A few players away’ etc. 11/12 and 12/13 really only were a mess. Now we supposedly have money, but it seems because of the new tv-deal (and everybody has more money) and the rise of Manchester City it isn’t sufficient to take a step closer to title contention. Or the manager doesn’t make the best of the means available…


Yeah, our increasing ability to buy players coincided with Wenger losing his touch in finding and developing younger players. If Wenger had added the likes of Sanchez, Ozil, and Cech to a young base like we had around 2007 (Cesc, RVP, Sagna, Kolo Toure, Ade etc) then we probably would have won a title, even despite Wenger’s tactical limitations. Instead, he added them to a young base of Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox, Gibbs, Jenkinson, and Theo.

We aren’t really any better off, just a different kind of not very good.


Is he really this good?


I feel like this is a rumour that only still exists because people want it to. We supposedly bid 100m euros and the price is supposedly more like 130m euros.

This is the club that was reported to have submitted the exact same bid for Lacazette twice last year. Just because we’ve offered big money for this guy doesn’t mean we’re going to go mad and chuck in an extra 30m euros over our initial offer for a laugh.

100m euros is a fair enough offer, it’d make him equal to the most expensive player in the world. If they won’t sell for that (or close to that) then I think we’ll move on.


The thing is, he’ll probably sell for double that four to five years down the line.

Honours aside, if you look at the players we’ve skimped on such as Suarez and Hazard, we’ve not only lost out in terms of ability but in financial return as well.


Knowing us IF in the super unlikely and down right magical event that he signed for us he’d leave on a free when his contract expires or at most a bag of croissants.

None of top players that we’ve missed out on over the years would have been sold for good money, Wenger and by extension the club are exceptionally shit at that.