Kylian Mbappe


You really can’t get any earlier :slight_smile:.


I think that he will go for Griezmann type money, they will likely renew his contract and put a HUGE release clause in it…might even be £100m


He is already a big name that bigger/richer clubs have bid for - he may be young, but he already has massive bullseye on him… wouldn’t shock me to see Barca go for him this summer.


Sure, but in this day and age it’s very hard for players to go unnoticed anyway I reckon.

Even 16-year olds are being poached on the regular.


Max to the rescue :wink:


Most expensive player ever seems a bit of a stretch to me.

Then again I don’t know the player all too well. Maybe he is all that


Well Martial went for a total of £60m including add-ons, so in today’s market it’s not too crazy to imagine.


Wity the amount of talent that finds its way to Monaco, im starting to think we should utilise our abundance of cold hard cash and just buy the fucking club.

Edit: has anyone also stopped to realise Mbappe isnt getting into the starting lineup all that often?


I’d say that is normal for a 18-year old.


Trouble is these days there’s such a massive rat race for the next big potential star. Would not be at all surprised if Mbappe’s agent has already been contacted by several big clubs, or at least scouted thoroughly.

We are probably back of the queue because we wont offer the wages of other big clubs, so the only card we hold is the offer of first team football regularly if it came down to it.


I mean, Martial is only in his second season now, he didn’t move to United ages ago so I’m not sure if we can talk about “today’s market” as if his transfer was in a different era. I’m not sure the market has changed all that much since then, but I’m not basing that on any sort of analysis of transfer fees so perhaps they have significantly inflated in the past year.

Yeah it’s not too crazy to imagine, if it was my tone towards Maverick would have been much more incredulous. As it is I think I’d stick with saying that I think 100m is a stretch, with the proviso that I haven’t seen the kid play aside from a few clips of goals. I think he’d have to be “next Messi/whatever” levels to reach such a fee.

Also as you said Martial was 60m if you include the add ons, I’m not sure what the add ons are but there’s a chance Man U might not ever end up paying some of those clauses. I think the Martial upfront fee was £36/38m (or something close to that) which definitely makes £100m feel like more of a stretch to me.


Well, I was going for £100m in terms of add-ons being included, not £100m on it’s own in straight cash.

So yeah I see where you’re coming from.

But if Mbappe carries on the way he is, I wouldn’t be surprised with £50m with another £XXm in add-ons. The market is just fucked.


Offering good contracts to lesser players is exactly what we do best though.

I could see us attaining this guy if we wanted to tbh.


I’d imagine Mpabbe being so sought after his agent could demand wages between 80-120k. Can’t see us giving a young player that much. Obviously its all conjecture and opinion at this point.


The clauses are really low in terms of expectations. Things like scoring 25 goals for United, getting 25 caps for France and being nominated for the Balon d’or.

He’s basically 100% going to make two of those clauses, so the transfer is definitely going to reach €70m at a minimum.


Ah fair play then, I had no idea that they’d be so stupidly low. I was thinking more Reyes style clauses (I think) that hinged on us winning the league or CL, because the way things have been it’s perfectly feasible that United could win neither before Martial moves on.

Good negotiating by Monaco then, it really is basically just 70m over several installments looking at it how you have put it lol


I wonder how it works if he leaves them in the meantime prior to hitting say the caps target. not expecting you to know the answer to that. :slight_smile:


I think this goes a long way to go explaining why mou Hasn’t been using him properly


I doubt it, saving a few million pounds is Utd’s least concern, and it’s never been a concern of Mourinho’s either.


If martial reaches 25 goals before the the next window he potentially would have 15-20m less to spunk on new players, if he can avoid that by fucking martial around I think he would probably try