Kylian Mbappe


If you review how much money they have available for transfers i would seriously doubt that.

They have at least £100m more than any other club to spend, every single summer.


Man Utd have to pay £8.5m for Martial’s next goal because it’s his 25th for them haha


Maybe not then but if he wants to sign greizman for the same or more than they paid for pogba then he will still need every penny for the other areas Utd need strengthening


They really dont need to penny pinch mate i assure you.

Besides any player sales would offset that


We could afford him but if any of the other big clubs want him there is no way he will come here.

We never enter into a bidding war with other clubs for top players, and if he had the choice of playing for Chelsea, Man U or us, we have to guarantee that our only top quality players are going to stay here, Ozil and Sanchez.

If they don’t sign new contracts I would think Mbappe is not going to be tempted by Ramsey, Chamberlain and Walcott, as much as he is by Pogba, Mata, Mkhitayran or Hazard, Pedro or Kante.


We do bid for players that other clubs have also bid for though?


Speaking of Martial clauses I read the next goal he scores for them they pay Monaco 8M


I’ve never known us enter, or win, a bidding war with any other top club for a top player.

Bidding and buying are two totally different things.

We try while other top clubs buy.


I think if you can justify a 30m+ fee you can justify 80k+ a week. Someone like Madrid might offer Aguero 250k but I’d bet they’d offer under 100k for this guy or else they’d have 20 players on 100-300k.

I’d be interested to know if we still hold our stepping stone status for youngsters. The biggest pull Arsenal had 5 years ago was that we we’re in the CL and if you were talented you’d be in the first team and wages were probably above average for teenagers. Thinking back to moves like Fabregas, Ox and Ramsey I’m sure I remember hearing “I’m here because Arsenal give young players a chance” which is fair enough but I don’t really associate that with us anymore, even though Wilsh, Ramsey, Theo, Szczesny and Gibbs fitted into that before and Bellerin and Iwobi (Maybe Chambers too) are probably good examples of it now.


I agree. But we are very stringent with our cash and will only invest big on proven quality. At this point Mbappe is still only potential, potential that we cannot afford to gamble on (or choose not to due to Wenger, again conjecture) as his career could still go either way.

The big money clubs have the privalige of being able to gamble on potential whilst we perhaps do not IMO.


I dunno, 15m for Chamberlain with the state of our finances back then is probably as much of a financial hit as 50m+ on a teenager in 2017.

I think it’s more about status, e.g. that we don’t want to be seen as the club that was willing to pay 55m for an unproven Martial. Even now you could argue Mustafi and Xhaka’s pedigree (and obviously Alexis Ozil) but Wenger isn’t going to be the guy who’s record transfer is 18 years old, even though he could make it happen.

Basically I too know we won’t get him. :sweat_smile:


Didnt wenger say we tried for him in the summer but Monaco wouldnt sell?


Translation: They wanted more money


Surely then this is exactly why we need to gamble more often on potential? The likes of Dembele for example would be been a cheap gamble if that, same goes for Dybala. The club cannot expect to land an Ozil or Alexis whenever, that’s just not sustainable and we’ve seen how we simply can’t compete for the top tier otherwise.

With the way the wages have skyrocketed in the last few years the likes of Grieezman and Reus are quite frankly out of reach and even if they weren’t the fact this club isn’t known for winning big anymore can prove a problem regardless.

The club has to show much more guile and boldness when it comes to identifying and recruiting potential stars going forward that’s for sure.


Without knowing the specifics you can’t assume what the sticking point was, whether we offered a fair amount or not. Etc


Agree with this. I’m not sure how solid Arsenal’s position is to secure talent on a long term basis if they come good. Wouldn’t take long for a Barca, Real, Bayern etc offer more consistent opportunities to win things along with better wages to unsettle a player. If we get to a point where a talent that has come good only has 2 two years on his deal our position is comprised.

Generally speaking now and in the future we have to be smart with our money. I’m firmly against spending major money on young talents.


Um, actually we offer better/more consistent opportinities to younger less experienced players.

Our problem isnt attracting younger players. Never has been.

Its attracting people already deemed good enough to win leagues, world class etc. Mbappe is exactly the type of player we want.


I’m not talking about attraction. I’m talking about the situation if the young talent we paid major money for matures into into a quality player…


When we tried to sign him he was still on a youth contract, so transfer fee was definitely not an issue.


But at the same time high profile players are not going to join for the exact same reasons. That’s why we’re stuck with mediocre players like Giroud.